When I quarrel with my cousin, wine is spilled. Perhaps someone loses a tooth. When Celene feuds with hers, a country is torn apart.

Evariste "Fairbanks" Lemarque is the leader of a group of Orlesian refugees who have lost their homes to the War of the Lions.

Background[edit | edit source]

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Evariste Lemarque was born on 25 Haring 9:8 Dragon to Bernice Lemarque, a young noblewoman whose father, Giroux Lemarque, murdered her lover and disowned her after she became pregnant with Evariste. After traveling through a blizzard, Bernice had found a midwife residing at the Fair Banks Cottage in the Dales to deliver her son. Giroux repented his actions towards his daughter later in life, and decided to will his estate to Bernice's descendants at some point after her death. Despite his noble heritage, Evariste never identified with it and eventually took on the name "Fairbanks," after the house he was born in. The only remnant of his lineage Fairbanks had kept was his grandfather's gold locket.

During the War of the Lions, many refugees relocated to the Dales. However, they were not alone; the Freemen of the Dales, a group of military deserters turned separatists, took up residence in the same area. The Freemen began to prey on the refugees, and Fairbanks, who was sympathetic to their plight, decided to help them defend against the Freemen. Eventually, Fairbanks became the de facto leader of the refugees and they increasingly relied on his support guidance to survive.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Fairbanks A.K.A. Evariste Lemarque in Heroes of Dragon Age

Fairbanks' tier progression in Heroes of Dragon Age

The Inquisitor can aid Fairbanks and his people by dealing with the Freemen leaders by pursuing the quest, The Freemen of the Dales, and its subsequent chain of side quests.

Should the Inquisitor speak to one of the refugees, Clara, she voices her suspicion that Fairbanks is of noble blood and believes that by proving his lineage, he could use his status to benefit the Orlesian lower class. The Inquisitor pursues this endeavor, finding three pieces of evidence to prove this claim. Should the Inquisitor first speak to Fairbanks, he reveals his shameful past, stating that the life of a noble is itself a gilded cage. The Inquisitor can either give the evidence to Fairbanks, although it is not necessary, or give the evidence to Clara to restore his noble status. Upon completing the quest A Deluded Chevalier, Fairbanks will join as an Inquisition agent.

If Fairbanks' heritage is concealed, he goes on working for the refugees in the Dales. If it is revealed he either slightly embarrasses himself at court, becomes a popular folk hero among the court of Orlais, a position which he uses to support the Inquisition or, if left entirely to his own devices, settles in a modest estate in the Dales and devotes much of his new wealth to supporting refugees from the war.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Noble Deeds, Noble Heart Noble Deeds, Noble Heart
The Freemen of the Dales The Freemen of the Dales
Victims of War Victims of War
Watcher's Reach Refugees Watcher's Reach Refugees

Codex entries[edit | edit source]

Codex entry: A Midwife's Journal Codex entry: A Midwife's Journal

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