Seek you vengeance or reward?

The Fade Beast is a pride demon which was separated into various pieces and scattered in the Deep Roads and abandoned thaigs.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

Finding the three bags of body parts in two locations triggers the quest Asunder. The Warden can restore them on the Altar of Sundering which will summon the beast. It will then ask what the reason was for assembling it. The Warden can decide to let it go for a reward of 25DAO goldpiece trans 50DAO silverpiece trans 0DAO bronzepiece trans, or fight it for some experience and possibly some random loot. There appear to be no negative effects from taking the gold instead of experience, however the journal entry will mention that others were possibly hurt from the Warden's greed.

Abilities Edit

Crushing prison icon Crushing Prison
Fire Blast Fire Blast
Fire Blast Fire Bolt
Creature icon1 Frost Bolt
Hand of winter icon Frost Burst
Mana Wave Mana Wave
Creature icon1 Massive Attack

Quotes Edit

  • "You have restored that which was cut asunder, and revealed my hiding place. Speak your intention. Seek you vengeance or reward?"
  • "So be it. You are rewarded, and I shall toy with this realm another day."
  • "My deception was convenience, not cowardice. A fight you want, a fight you shall have!"

Bugs Edit

  • When fighting the beast, if you push it against the wall behind it, it can get stuck in front of the rock wall. The result is the beast stopping to attack you, but you can continue to attack it; however, when its HP reaches zero, it never dies unless by another MOB AoE (i.e. the rock's throw of the stone golem).

See also Edit

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