Fade Step is a mage spell from the Winter tree in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Information[edit | edit source]

  • Duration: 2 seconds
  • Cooldown time: 12 seconds

Upgrade[edit | edit source]

Frost Step Frost Step
Upgrade Passing through enemies hurts them and leaves them chilled.

Ice damage: 300% weapon damage
Chill duration: 8 Seconds
Energizing Step Energizing Step
Requires: Trespasser
Each time you pass through an enemy with Fade Step, you gain mana.

Mana Recovery: 25%

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Fade Step is useful for any mage. For most mages, it is a useful way to extricate one's self from being surrounded by melee enemies. For Mages of the Knight-Enchanter specialization, it is useful in an inverse manner: Quickly getting into melee range to bring the Spirit Blade to bear.
  • The direction of travel can be controlled while in transit. It will respond instantly and turn to the new heading immediately, even if in the diametric opposite direction. However, due to the quick moment in which the Fade Step transits, control can still be tricky. This is useful when the Frost Step or Energizing Step ability upgrades are selected, enabling the caster to plot a non-linear path through more enemies, increasing the frost damage inflicted or mana regained in a single casting.
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