In Heroes of Dragon Age each character is a member of a faction. The faction a character belongs to is represented by the color on a hero's base.

When four characters of the same faction are used simultaneously, a faction bonus is granted. This bonus is the character's percentages added together. Common characters add 1%, Uncommon characters add 2%, Rare characters add 3%, Epic characters add 4%, Legendary characters add 5%, and Mythic characters add 6%. For example, a party comprised of 1 Rare (3%), 1 Epic (4%) , 1 Legendary (5%) and 1 Mythic (6%) characters of the same color would grant an 18% Faction bonus.

Types Edit

  • Black: The dark forces of Thedas, such as darkspawn, undead and demons.
  • Blue: Magical beings, such as elves, mages and spirits.
  • Red: Those outside of the major order, such as wild animals, rogues, apostates, and Qunari.
  • White: The established order of Thedas, such as nobility, ordinary soldiers, templars, and Grey Wardens.
  • Large: Beings that are larger than ordinary men, such as golems, ogres and dragons.
    • Large is technically considered as a faction, but its characters do not count towards any faction bonuses.

Some characters have two factions, denoting a duality in their nature. For example, Grey Warden Alistair has a black/white base, denoting his status as both a Grey Warden and a Warrior. Merrill, alternatively, has a blue/black base, denoting her status as a Dalish blood mage.

Additionally, faction colors receive a 25% damage bonus against other specific colors:

  • White gains a bonus against Red, as order quells chaos.
  • Red gains a bonus against Blue, as chaos overwhelms power.
  • Blue gains a bonus against Black, as power triumphs over darkness.
  • Black gains a bonus against White, as darkness upsets order.

Many limited-time events also give bonuses to characters from a specific featured faction.

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