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The Experimental Subjects are a group of four ghouls located in the Silverite Mine.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

After the party is imprisoned by the Architect, each member's equipment is removed and equipped by one of the subjects; in order to get their items back, the party members must defeat the subjects and loot them, while unassigned items are stored in a chest near the exit. Each subject is of normal rank, and thus the difficulty one faces in fighting them is solely dependent on the confiscated gear they are wearing. Thus, if a player is using extremely potent equipment, it is quite possible that the subjects will prove a rather disproportionate challenge.


The Righteous Path The Righteous Path


Silverite Mine Silverite Mine


  • The subjects will be the same race, class and gender as the party member whose equipment they are using.
  • The subjects are the only ones besides the named party member who can wear items restricted to a party member.


  • pcpc There are several bugs that may occur in the Silverite Mine:
    • There might be only three Experimental Subjects. If this is the case, the Warden's own equipment can be retrieved along with the rest of the non-equipped items in the chest near Armaas.
      • However, there have been several occasions when the Warden's equipment disappeared for good.
    • The Warden might appear in the cell in their small clothes, with all the non-equipped items in their inventory. There are only three Experimental Subjects when this occurs, and the Warden's equipment is not recoverable. This happens specifically when the Silverite Mine is not completed during the first trip to the Wending Wood after Velanna joins the party. A reload from a save made in the Wending Wood after Velanna joined sometimes fixes this problem.
    • If the above bugs occur and are persistent after reloading the game from previous points, another workaround is to remove all the high-end equipment worn by the Warden just before the Silverite Mine entrance, moving it to the inventory and then equip lesser/normal/common gear to all slots. Apparently, some of the high-end or DLC gears and items don't go well with the Experimental Subject designated to the Warden, if the Warden has them equipped.
    • There's an unofficial mod released that fixes all bugs mentioned above.
  • The Experimental Subjects sometimes have the wrong gender. This might be why Sigrun refers to her own subject as a "he" even when it's a female, for example.
  • ps3ps3 pcpc One of the Experimental Subjects may not go hostile and therefore the equipment worn by them cannot be retrieved. To fix this, it is best to run head on towards the enemy group. The Experimental Subject will be guaranteed to see the player and turn hostile, thus it can be killed and looted.