The Exalted Council is a committee of senior delegates called together at the request of Divine Victoria in 9:44 Dragon.

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Exalted Council Chamber

The Exalted Council meeting chamber at the Winter Palace

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Two years after the defeat of Corypheus, an assembly gathered to determine the role - and possible fate - of the Inquisition, was held at the Winter Palace in Halamshiral

The council is headed by Divine Victoria and has representatives from both Orlais and Fereldan. Both Orlais and Ferelden have differing opinions as to the fate of the Inquisition. The Orlesians wish to assimilate the Inquisition into their military, and the Fereldans wish that the Inquisition disband entirely. Despite their differences, it is certain and apparent that they are both wary of the Inquisition’s power, and the hand that wields it: the Inquisitor’s. Many nobles came to attend, including Dorian Pavus in his new position as Tevinter's ambassador.

The Exalted Council did not go particularly smoothly: the negotiations were interrupted early when the Inquisitor abruptly left to deal with an urgent matter in the Winter Palace, leading Divine Victoria to call for a reprieve. After the Inquisitor’s return to the Winter Palace, matters were further aggravated when one of the Inquisition's soldier was found assaulting one of the palace's servants. Gaatlok barrels were later discovered all throughout the Winter Palace, strategically placed to cause as many casualties as possible. More barrels were found in other cities throughout southern Thedas. This was revealed to be an operation called Dragon's Breath, led by the Viddasala, one of the three leaders of the Ben-Hassrath. While the Inquisitor was off dealing with the Qunari, Ambassador Montilyet was left to deal with an increasingly irate Exalted Council. Even her abilities as a negotiator weren't enough to placate them entirely and in the end, the Inquisitor was forced to either disband the Inquisition or transform it into a peacekeeping organization that only serves Divine Victoria.

After dealing with the Inquisition, the Exalted Council remained intact, advising Divine Victoria on important matters for several years.

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