Evil Tomes are books, written or researched by the maleficar Tarohne, containing Forbidden Knowledge related to blood magic that can be interacted with during Act 2. Hawke may become aware of their existence either by receiving a letter from Idunna, or by simply finding one of them lying around in areas of Kirkwall or surrounding territories. Each of the Tomes are located in the Kirkwall Chantry, the Viscount's Keep, The Bone Pit, Sundermount, and the Wounded Coast.

Usage Edit

Upon finding a Tome, Hawke can:

1. Destroy the book:

  • Gives you 750 XP; also, if Merrill is in your party, Rivalry small Merrill: rivalry (+10). This may be your best option, as destroying all five tomes will be the only way that will allow you to complete the related quest, Forbidden Knowledge for the same reward (and more) that reading one will give you!
Note: You may want to equip item(s) that increase your EXP gain, such as The Belt of Promise and Uncertainty (requires Mark of the Assassin DLC). Especially for your main character; as the other party member's level will scaled up together.

2. Read the book:

  • Reading the book and accepting the book's offer by leaving it alone gives you 2 attribute points. You can only read one book. If Merrill is in your party, Friendship small Merrill: friendship (+5)

3. Take the book:

  • Gives you a junk item called the Book of Forbidden Lore worth about 80 silver. Also, if Merrill is in your party, Friendship small Merrill: friendship (+5)

No matter which option is chosen, the book spawns 4-5 shades/abominations in the area you must fight.

Note: Although it is known that the guidebook is not generally accurate, it should be pointed out that you do NOT have to spare Idunna's life to complete this quest. All books can be located despite having killed Idunna.

Trivia Edit

  • All five tomes bear the Chantry sunburst, possibly to cover their true nature.

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