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Everd is a member of the warrior House Bera and son of Galten. He is a cadet in Orzammar's army[1] and has been part of only one darkspawn campaign in his life.


He is due to participate in the Provings that are held in honour of the Grey Wardens during the Dwarf Commoner Origin. Duncan is present in Orzammar to look for recruits to fight the Fifth Blight. Everd is considered to be inexperienced compared to some of the veterans he will be facing and thus not likely to win the tournament.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

As this is an important Proving in which the best of the Warrior caste will compete, many illegal wagers have been placed upon it. Lord Vollney has bet 100Gold that Everd will beat Mainar, an old veteran, even though the odds are clearly against Everd. Lord Vollney is working with Beraht, the leader of the Carta, to make sure that Mainar doesn't win the fight.

Beraht orders the Dwarf Commoner and Leske to put a mild drug in Mainar's water supply that will make Mainar subtly less effective in the arena. However, the two quickly discover Everd, too drunk to even stand. Knowing that Beraht would have them both killed for their perceived failure if the fight does not go as planned, the Dwarf Commoner takes Everd's armor and weapons from his chest and, thus disguised, fights in his place.

The Dwarf Commoner manages to reach the final round of the Proving. At this point, Everd staggers into the arena, still drunk. When he sees the Dwarf Commoner, he recognizes that someone else is wearing his armor, which prompts the Proving Master to order the Dwarf Commoner to take off their helm and reveal their identity. Eventually, the entire Proving is declared invalid.


Dwarf Commoner Origin Dwarf Commoner Origin


  • (staggering into the arena, drunk) "Wha-? Is my bout a'ready? Hey! That's my armor!"


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