Event: His Dour Lordship's Case is a Divine's Feast card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is unlocked after all 7 Market Day cards have been used and if His Dour Lordship is still present in Serault when the feast begins.

Description Edit

His Dour Lordship kneels before the Divine. "Most Holy. Two score years ago my father granted the Lands Between the Rivers to the Chantry. In her wisdom, the Chantry leased them to Serault. It is my case that they should be restored to Alyons. Serault is a hotbed of heresy and immorality, undeserving of the Chantry's largesse." The Divine looks to you. "How do you answer, Huntress/Scholar?"

Available actions Edit

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"Mock him"
"His claims won't be considered if people have no regard for the man making them."
Difficulty: Cunning*
Success: Loses Good Neighbors


"Refute his case"
"With reference to precedence and the original ink-stained grant."
Difficulty: Rulership*6/5

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