Evasion is a rogue talent from the Below the Belt tree in Dragon Age: Origins.

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  • Grants +20% Chance to Dodge, +20% Resist Stun, Knockdown, Slip.

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  • This passive is quite a mixed bag due to the attack animation interrupts it forces. Evasion and equipment that provides the "+X% dodge chance" effect both modify the property "Displacement", but there is a dodge animation associated exclusively with Evasion. If a dodge occurs without Evasion, the attack simply misses and there is no animation interruption. With Evasion, how often this animation comes in depends on the total dodge chance. Whenever a dodge occurs, the chance of the animation being played is [random number from 10 to 20] / [dodge chance]. To simplify the calculations, the random number from 10 to 20 can be approximated by 15.
    • With just Evasion and no other sources of dodge chance, the character has 20% dodge chance, so approximately 3 out of 4 dodges (15/20) will be accompanied by the animation.
    • With Evasion and Cailan's Greaves (+20% dodge chance), the character has 40% dodge chance, so approximately 3 out of 8 dodges (15/40) will be accompanied by the animation.
    • Demonstration videos: Evasion (20% dodge) and Cailan's Greaves (20% dodge).
  • +20% Resist Stun, Knockdown, Slip is not a physical resistance bonus, but a flat 20% chance to ignore any stun/knockdown/slip effect. Knockdown and stun from abilities like Ogre Ram Ram and Talent arch scattershot Scattershot may be resisted this way.
    • There is no animation interruption for resisting these effects.

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