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“Templars guard the mages, remember? Even if it's from themselves. I may not believe in the order, but that doesn't mean I stopped believing in what we stood for.”

Evangeline de Brassard (born 9:06 Dragon)[3] is a Knight-Captain of the Templars at the White Spire. She is second in command under Knight-Commander Eron and later Lord Seeker Lambert van Reeves.


Evangeline's family is Orlesian minor nobility. They possess a farmhold, Brassard-manot, in the Heartlands just outside Velun. As the only child, Evangeline was expected to learn the social graces of an Orlesian lady. Since Evangeline enjoyed neither music nor dancing and was not eager to seek a husband, her relationship with her mother was strained. Instead she learned martial skills from her father, a former chevalier. When her mother died in 9:21, Evangeline assumed that she would be forced to become the lady of the manor, but her father was supportive of her dreams and, within the year, he sent her to the chantry at Val Foret to begin training as a member of the Templar Order. There were concerns that she might be better suited to the clergy until she bested every other initiate in personal combat. She took her vows at the White Spire in Val Royeaux in 9:26.[3] When Knight-Commander Laroche declared the victims of the Ghost of the Spire to be suicides, she reported his handling of the matter, causing him to retire and be replaced by Knight-Commmander Eron.[4] As she performed her duties exceptionally well, he granted her the rank of Knight-Captain in 9:34.[3] When her parents died, she refused to retire and to take up her inheritance. Her inheritance was subsequently bequeathed to her uncle, who gambled away the fortune and sold the estate.


Dragon Age: Asunder[]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Asunder.

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The plot follows BioWare's own canon, meaning it may not follow some of the player's choices in the games.

Evangeline is assigned to protect Divine Justinia V during a ball in her honour. When Jeannot, a Liberatarian mage from the White Spire uses Blood Magic to attempt to assassinate the Divine, Evangeline is forced to kill him thus saving the Divine's life. Evangeline returns to her duties at the White Spire only to find it now under the command of Lord Seeker Lambert & the Seekers of Truth. Lambert & the Seekers are conducting an investigation into the assassination attempt and into Jeannot's alleged co-conspirators. She later catches Enchanter Rhys in the dungeons and imprisons him after he gives no explanation for his presence.

The battle inside the keep

Days later, Evangeline is ordered by Lambert to escort Archmage Wynne, Rhys and Adrian on their mission to retrieve the Tranquil elf, Pharamond. Lambert however, secretly gives her additional orders; should Pharamond's research prove too dangerous or disprove the effectiveness of the Rite of Tranquility, Evangeline is to destroy the research and kill all involved in the mission. During the course of their journey, she begins to bond with her companions and becomes more sympathetic to the mages' situation. She even develops feelings for the mage Rhys. Eventually, Rhys confesses that he had been down to the Spire dungeons to visit Cole, the tower's so-called "ghost", whom only he could see and remember and whom Rhys suspected was involved in the recent series of murders at the White Spire.

Upon discovering Pharamond had been possessed & transformed into an abomination, the demon attempted to turn the group against each other, mentioning Evangeline's actual mission. The Knight-Captain then joined in the mages in entering the Fade. While enduring a recreation of Wynne's nightmare of the battle of Denerim during the Fifth Blight, they encounter Cole, who was accidentally brought into the Fade along with them. After getting separated from Cole, Evangeline and Rhys rescue him from his own nightmare.

While Pharamond was saved from being an abomination, Evangeline condemns him for getting the inhabitants of the Adamant Fortress killed, only for Adrian to intervene in her attempts to execute the ex-Tranquil. With some convincing from Wynne and Rhys, Evangeline elects to go against Lambert's orders and allow her mage companions to fulfill their mission to the Divine. Evangeline dismisses Ser Arnaud & the Templars sent to aid her in eliminating any survivors with potentially embarrassing information.

As they make their way back to Val Royeaux, Evangeline confides in Rhys that Lambert and the templars would not be inclined to listen to their explanations regarding Cole, and offers Rhys a chance to destroy his phylactery, and take Cole to safety in Ferelden or Tevinter, saying that she is choosing between doing her duty and doing what is right, that Cole deserves a second chance and Rhys should have the right to choose his own path.

Following their audience with the Divine, Evangeline is stripped of her rank by the Lord Seeker for disobeying his orders, to be replaced as Knight-Captain by Ser Arnaud. Three weeks pass by before she is granted an audience with him, at which she gives her findings on Cole.

Evangeline is assigned to watch over the College of Enchanters as they convene to discuss Pharamond's research. However, Grand Enchanter Fiona attempts to derail the conclave in order to issue another vote of separation from the Chantry. But before the vote can be made, the Lord Seeker arrives with a contingent of Templars & several Seekers, revealing that Pharamond had been murdered and that a bloodied dagger had been found in Rhys' quarters. The mages believe Rhys is being framed and fight back. Evangeline chooses to side with the mages and escapes the White Spire with Wynne via Val Royeaux's sewers. Both women realize Lambert had planned the attack since their audience with the Divine, and after what just transpired, the Templars will have the excuse they need to inflict harsher constraints on the mages. Upon reaching Wynne's safehouse, they are found by Cole, whom they accuse of murdering Pharamond. However, Evangeline is persuaded of his innocence. Cole then reveals that Rhys is being kept imprisoned in the Spire and he needs their help to rescue him.

Along with Shale and Leliana, Evangeline & Wynne return to the Spire, freeing all the mages and destroying their phylacteries. Evangeline personally confronts Lambert when he attempts to kill Rhys & Cole. Evangeline attacks Lambert in order to protect Rhys however after a grueling duel, Evangeline is defeated and killed. After Lambert is driven off, Wynne revives Evangeline by transferring the Spirit of Faith within her to Evangeline, at the cost of her own life.

A month later, Evangeline has relocated to Andoral's Reach with Rhys and the rebel mage host. After the vote of secession was passed, Evangeline comforts Rhys over his doubt as to whether or not there was an actual mage named Cole. They share a kiss before attending Wynne's funeral.

Dragon Age: Inquisition[]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Should Cole be recruited into the Inquisition and asked about Senior enchanter Rhys, the Inquisitor can subsequently offer to search for him and Evangeline. Despite Cole's refusal, the Inquisitor can set up the Locate Rhys and Evangeline war table operation.

According to Inquisition resources, Rhys was originally supposed to attend the Chantry conclave; however, Knight-Commander Evangeline managed to talk him out of it. She then began investigating rumors of templar corruption outside of Val Firmin, only for Rhys and herself to be captured by red templars, at which the Inquisition can launch a rescue. Afterwards, while expressing gratitude for their rescue, Rhys and Evangeline decline to come to Skyhold, believing their presence would cause tension among the Inquisition's mages/templars and offer other ways to serve via the operation Deploy Rhys and Evangeline. The operation entails Evangeline reaching out to friends among the nobility, Rhys locating the hidden rebel mages' supply caches, or to have the two fight alongside the Inquisition against Corypheus' forces.


Locate Rhys and Evangeline Locate Rhys and Evangeline (war table) (conditional)
Deploy Rhys and Evangeline Deploy Rhys and Evangeline (war table) (conditional)


  • "I don't like being forced to choose between my duty and what's right."


  • Evangeline (to Adrian): "Silence, you foolish woman! It is you who should be grateful, grateful that you have the luxury to worry just how free you are. Do you honestly think mages are the only people in this world who suffer?"
  • Rhys: "No. We don't think that."
  • Evangeline: "Yes, you do. You live in an ivory tower, without the slightest idea just how much worse it could be."[5]
  • Lambert: "You are a disgrace to the Order, to your family and to the Maker".
  • Evangeline: Of all those things, you're wrong about my family. My father would be proud of what I've done. He always said tyranny was the last resort who have lost the right to lead."[6]

Codex entries[]

Codex entry: Cole Codex entry: Cole


  • Evangeline was almost created as an elven character in Dragon Age: Asunder, as elves are not barred from becoming templars but are merely uncommon in their ranks.[7]
  • She has an Orlesian accent.[8]



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