Etienne Valmont I was the Emperor of Orlais from 7:71 Storm until his death in 8:21 Blessed.[1] He was a member of House Valmont.

Background Edit

Etienne ascended to the throne of Orlais in 7:71 Storm. During his rule, he presided over the end of the Exalted Marches against the Qunari[2] while Kirkwall rebelled from Orlesian rule in 8:05 Blessed.[3] He also strengthened trade with Orzammar[4], for example with the trade agreement of 7:80 Storm that Queen Valda Aeducan commemorated by sending him a bronto trophy.[5]

As Emperor, he remained childless for 28 years.[4] In 7:82 Storm, under great pressure to produce an heir, Emperor Etienne set aside his wife of 17 years to marry Princess Sotiria Pentaghast. The Pentaghast family had recently reclaimed the throne of Nevarra from the Van Markhams and was eager to build alliances. Etienne and Sotiria’s wedding was supposed to build lasting peace and cooperation between Nevarra and Orlais. However, as the couple was still childless by 7:97, Emperor Etienne sent Sotiria to a cloister and married his mistress, Marquise Yvette. The Pentaghasts took this gesture extremely poorly. They sent a small war party into Orlais to reclaim their princess, but took no other military actions until 8:46 Blessed when they started the Perendale War. Most historians agree that Etienne and Sotiria's failed marriage is at the source of centuries of warfare between Orlais and Nevarra.[6]

Marquise Yvette gave birth to twin boys in 7:99, Reville and Gratien, ushering in the Blessed Age. Reville succeeded his father as Emperor of Orlais.

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