Esmerelle is the most important figure within the nobility of Amaranthine; by far the wealthiest and most powerful, and ultimately the Bann of the City of Amaranthine. She was known as being a supporter of Arl Howe, but she is too powerful to be ignored or displaced.

Involvement Edit

Bann Esmerelle appears when the Warden-Commander first meets the nobles, as one of the two most important nobles Varel says the Commander must speak to - the other being Lord Eddelbrek. The two nobles compete for placement of troops; Esmerelle wants to keep troops inside the city, and Eddelbrek wants patrols for the farmlands.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

Esmerelle is later found to be the head of A Brewing Conspiracy, to displace the Grey Wardens. With the conspiracy she aimed in taking vengeance that the Warden-Commander (or the Wardens in general in a case of an Orlesian Warden) killed the old Arl Rendon Howe, who apparently was good to them.

Ico Quest Oaths of Fealty
Ico Quest A Brewing Conspiracy
Ico Quest And You, Esmerelle?
  • If the conspiracy is left to run its course, Esmerelle will attack you with her conspirators. Her death is covered up, as is mentioned in the Epilogue.
  • If the Dark Wolf is hired to deal with the conspiracy, Esmerelle will not be found with the conspirators, but will hang herself in the Epilogue.
  • If you choose to force the nobles to send members of their family to live with the Grey Wardens, then no noble will move against you and Bann Esmerelle will continue to live.

Quotes Edit

  • "I promise that I, Bann Esmerelle, will be faithful to the arl in the matters of life, limb, and earthly honor. Never will I bear arms against him or his heirs. So I say in the sight of the Maker."
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