This page details the two endings to Dragon Age II. Naturally, this page contains spoilers.

The Champion Edit

Depending on a choice made in The Last Straw, there are two slightly varying conclusions to Dragon Age II.

Mages Edit

If Hawke sided with the mages, little is known of Hawke's fate or whereabouts. Varric informs Cassandra that Hawke's name became a rallying cry to all Thedosian mages; an inspirational beacon which showed that the templars could be defied. Circles across the world rose up in rebellion, setting the world on fire.

Templars Edit

If Hawke sided with the templars, Hawke was elected the new Viscount of Kirkwall, with substantial support from the templars. News of the crushed mage rebellion quickly spread. Inspired by their brethren, Circles began to rebel against the Chantry; with Hawke's name becoming a reminder of the mages' oppression at the templars' hands.

Companions Edit

Three years after the Kirkwall Rebellion, Varric Tethras was captured by the Seekers of Truth. Hawke's other companions (with the exception of Hawke's love interest, excluding Sebastian) eventually left Hawke's side.

The Finale Edit

The game ends with Cassandra completing her interrogation with Varric telling her he does not know where Hawke is, but that he is certain Hawke is not dead. Cassandra thanks him and exits the Hawke Estate. Leliana emerges from a group of Seekers, and asks whether Cassandra learned anything from Varric. Cassandra then informs Leliana that Hawke is missing, "just like the Warden." She then hands her a book that was helpful in her investigation, before asking whether they should keep searching for the Warden and Hawke, or proceed with the "original plan". Leliana tells her that they must put their faith in the Maker, before the screen cuts to the credits.

Bugs Edit

  • A possible bug may mix up romance options, saying that Hawke romanced the wrong person.
  • If you choose to romance someone you end up killing, (i.e. Fenris or Anders) the epilogue will mess up and tell you that person is alive and did not leave Hawke's side as all her other companions did. If you betray Isabela to the Qunari, the epilogue will also mess up.