Endure Hardship is a rogue talent from the Legionnaire Scout specialization in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

Information Edit

  • While this mode is active, taking damage depletes legionnaire's stamina instead of health, removing 1 stamina for every 2 points of damage absorbed.
  • Conjuration: 1s.

Notes Edit

  • This talent works well with +willpower/+stamina/+stamina regeneration bonuses on gear (Duncan's Sword, Andruil's Blessing, Cailan's Arms, Felon's Coat), Song of Valor, Rejuvenate, and stamina draughts.
  • Damage being converted can be physical, spells, talents, or grenades.
  • If Endure Hardship is started while Strength of Stone is still active, then, all damages will be converted to stamina, vice being nullified, even though character status on Quickbar/Toolbar displays that Strength of Stone is still active.
  • If Strength of Stone is activated while Endure Hardship is being sustained, then, Endure Hardship will terminate, and damages will be negated, vice being converted to stamina.
  • In regard to Stealth, there is no impact damage from AoE spells/talents (only reduction in stamina), so the rogue will maintain stealth. However, spells with damage-over-time or secondary effects will break stealth.

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