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Endure Hardship is a rogue talent from the Legionnaire Scout specialization in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.


  • While this mode is active, taking damage depletes legionnaire's stamina instead of health, removing 1 stamina for every 2 points of damage absorbed.
  • Conjuration time: 1s.


  • This talent works well with +willpower/+stamina/+stamina regeneration bonuses on gear (Duncan's Sword, Andruil's Blessing, Cailan's Arms, Felon's Coat), Song of Valor, Rejuvenate, and stamina draughts.
  • All damage types, except "plot" damage, can be mitigated by this effect.
  • Activating Strength of Stone will deactivate Endure Hardship.
  • If Endure Hardship is activated while Strength of Stone's effects are still active, Endure Hardship's "stamina shield" effect will override Strength of Stone's damage immunity, i.e. incoming damage will deplete stamina instead of being completely nullified.
  • In regard to Stealth, this talent will nullify impact damage of AoE spells/talents, so the rogue will be able to maintain stealth. However, damage-over-time effects, or secondary effects like knockdown or stun, will break stealth.

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