The following is a list of scripted or random encounters while traversing the world map in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening:

Scripted Edit

Ico Area Map The Howe Road: If Nathaniel Howe was not recruited when he was imprisoned, the Warden-Commander will meet him again.
Ico Quest Velanna's Exile: A companion quest for Velanna.
Ico Area Map Abandoned Farm: A farm is under attack. Rescue Lillith for Trade Must Flow.

Random Edit

Ico Area Map Burning Bridge: A wood bridge across a chasm. Very desolate environment. Crow assassins, Qunari mercenaries and some bandits. Poultices for loot.
Ico Area Map Forest Clearing: A band of Avvar nomads attack you. Two crates of random loot.
Ico Area Map Pirate Infested Shore: A shore full of pirates. Unique weapon, Dumat's Claw, drops from it.
Ico Area Map Sunbaked Canyon: Some dragonlings, drakes, a dragon and the corpse of an adventurer out for revenge on the dragon who killed his family. The tier 9 anti-dragon greatsword, Dragonbrand, is found on the corpse.

Repeatable Edit

The number and combination of enemies encountered are random for the following encounters:

Ico Area Map Canyon Road
Ico Area Map Forest Path
Ico Area Map Roadside Farm

Bugs Edit

  • It seems that the area map for Canyon Road, Qunari Mercenaries, and Dragonbrand random encounters (along with any other encounter that shares the same area) is glitched. Both the mini map and map are blank and only the icons for the Warden and a lone X that marks the world map to leave are visible. Also the radar that comes from the Warden on the map is gray and white instead of clear. (On PC 1.05, if the console is used to access the random encounters, this glitch does not appear to trigger.)
  • It is very difficult to get these random encounters. Whether it is a bug or not is unknown but it seems that the farther the player gets into Awakening the less likely of getting a random encounter. The only encounters that the Warden will definitely get are the quest-linked random encounters such as the one for Trade Must Flow. The easiest way to get Roadside Farm encounters would be to repeatedly run from The Turnoble Estate to the Stark's Farm, because the length of the travel doesn't seem to matter when it comes to the encounters. Also the loading time of those two (identical) maps are rather low. The same goes for Forest Path encounters and the Blackmarshes - Wending Wood - Vigil routes. Be aware that it can easily take 10 back and forth travels to trigger encounters.
  • All of these random encounters can be triggered on the PC using the console, should you find it too difficult to trigger them. Enable the console, then type "runscript zz_rxa_debug", which will open up the teleport menu for jumping into random encounters.
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