Emprise du Lion is an area in the Highlands of the Dales.[1] It is a cold and craggy environment dotted with elven ruins.


Emprise du Lion is a snow-covered area formerly occupied by elves. Several ancient elven ruins including a large keep and multiple coliseums are located in the area. The hot springs in the Emprise have attracted dragons in recent years.

The ancient name of these highlands has long been lost to time. When the first Valmont emperor was crowned in the Exalted Age, the mountains were renamed Emprise du Lion to honor the House of Valmont, which bears a lion upon its crest. Remnants of a forgotten past, mingled delightfully with signs of the present, charming villages dotted the landscape, and scattered among them, relics of the lost elven nation.Brother Genitivi[2]

The ancient and the modern co-exist in the highlands of Emprise du Lion, where relics of the lost elven nation are scattered among bustling human villages. These hills are home to the village of Sahrnia, known throughout Orlais for its quarry, which produces azure granite of remarkable quality.

—Excerpt from the quest journal


"We arrived in the Highlands at night. I was immediately given the task of overseeing the acquisition and staffing of the Sahrnia quarry. I asked the general why we needed a quarry if the crystals will grow anywhere. Apparently the Elder One believes the composition of the earth here will ensure that it grows more rapidly and abundantly. Some of my men feel we should take the quarry by force. The general did not specify how I was to secure the land, so I am considering a more subtle approach. Any suspicions we raise will increase the chance of a military investigation, perhaps even the newly formed Inquisition. We must operate in secret as long as possible."

—From the writings of Knight-Captain Fornier[3]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Red Templars seize control of Suledin Keep and utilize the stronghold as their newest headquarters while exploiting the nearby quarry. The Keep currently is being used for the growth and harvest of Red lyrium to supply their forces. Raids on the nearby village of Sahrnia has progressed the Red Templars agenda by the unwarranted procuring of villagers used to mine the quarry. Due to the Red Templars' sudden interest in Emprise du Lion the Inquisition opens an investigation into their activity in the region. The Inquisitor can gain access to Emprise du Lion by completing the Liberate Emprise du Lion war table scouting operation in Skyhold.



Map of Emprise du Lion

Note: The 16 regions below make up the Regions in the Emprise collection. Discovering all of them grants 200 Influence.
  • Alphonse's Passage
  • Drakon's Rise
  • Drakon's Tower
  • Elfsblood River
  • Elfsblood Tower
  • Elven Ruin
  • Etienne's Ring
  • Highgrove
  • Judicael's Crossing
  • Judicael's Ring
  • Leontine's Ring
  • Pools of Sun
  • Sahrnia Sahrnia
  • Sahrnia Quarry
  • Suledin Keep Suledin Keep
  • Tower of Bone

Additional places

Inquisition Camps

  • Highgrove Camp
  • Sahrnia Camp
  • Tower Camp



A Timely Intervention A Timely Intervention
Breeding Grounds Breeding Grounds
Caged Confession Caged Confession
Call Me Imshael Call Me Imshael
Capturing Suledin Keep Capturing Suledin Keep
Mama's Ring Mama's Ring
Red Captors Red Captors
Rocky Rescue Rocky Rescue
Ruined Blade Ruined Blade
Securing Safe Passage Securing Safe Passage
Sifting Through Rubble Sifting Through Rubble
Stalker Stalker
Take Back the Lion Take Back the Lion
The Corruption of Sahrnia The Corruption of Sahrnia
They Shall Not Pass They Shall Not Pass
Turning the Tables Turning the Tables
Quarry Quandary Quarry Quandary
Valeska's Watch Valeska's Watch
Words not Hollow Words not Hollow


Rifts at Drakon's Cleft Rifts at Drakon's Cleft
Rift at Elfsblood Tower Rift at Elfsblood Tower
Rifts in the Springs Rifts in the Springs
Rift on Frozen Water Rift on Frozen Water


Bloodstone Survey in the Emprise Bloodstone Survey in the Emprise
Brazier Requisition in the Emprise Brazier Requisition in the Emprise
Coat Requisition in the Emprise Coat Requisition in the Emprise
Shelter Requisition in the Emprise Shelter Requisition in the Emprise

War table operations

A Golden Opportunity A Golden Opportunity
Deal with Lord Basile Maron Deal with Lord Basile Maron
Emprise du Lion Resources Emprise du Lion Resources
Gather Cloth Gather Cloth
Gather Leather Gather Leather
Liberate Emprise du Lion Liberate Emprise du Lion
Restore Judicael's Crossing Restore Judicael's Crossing
Rumors of the Sulevin Blade Rumors of the Sulevin Blade
Shelter Requisition in the Emprise Shelter Requisition in the Emprise




Bottles on the Wall

Bottles On The Wall icon.png Legacy White Shear - search near the entrance of the locked tower in Sahrnia Quarry.
Bottles On The Wall icon.png Abyssal Peach - inside Suledin Keep, head past the cages and the first Giant encounter, search just before the lyrium tents.

Dragon Hunter

Hivernal Hivernal
Kaltenzahn Kaltenzahn
Highland Ravager Highland Ravager


Landmarks in the Emprise Landmarks in the Emprise


Shards in the Emprise Shards in the Emprise

Skyhold Customizations

Orlesian Throne Orlesian Throne - see judgment of Mistress Poulin; related quest: Rocky Rescue.
Inquisition Banner Inquisition Banner - capture Suledin Keep (conditional: awarded after the Inquisitor captures their first keep).
Inquisition Banner Crown Inquisition Banner Crown - capture all three keeps: Caer Bronach, Griffon Wing Keep, and Suledin Keep.



Arbor Blessing Arbor Blessing
Black Lotus Black Lotus
Elfroot Elfroot
Felandaris Felandaris
Prophet's Laurel Prophet's Laurel
Rashvine Rashvine
Rashvine Nettle Rashvine Nettle


August Ram Leather August Ram Leather
Bear Hide Bear Hide
Canine Leather Canine Leather
Dragonling Scales Dragonling Scales
Great Bear Hide Great Bear Hide
Snoufleur Skin Snoufleur Skin


Bloodstone Bloodstone
Dawnstone Dawnstone
Silverite Silverite

Notable items

Elven artifacts

  • On a cliffside ledge east of Drakon's Tower and Valeska's Watch.
  • Hidden within an arch directly north (or to the right of) the ocularum in the second dragon ring near the Leontine's Steward region. The artifact is hidden from view; to access the artifact, jump down from the last archway in the ring to the large rock-ledge below.

Logging stands

  • Southeast of the Highgrove Inquisition Camp.
  • The island at the center of the frozen lake, by an unmarked hunter campsite, and a tower with a locked door.

Memories of the Grey

Red Jenny's Caches

Red lyrium veins

  • Near Drakon's Rise Camp
  • Near Valeska's Watch
  • Found midway between the Sahrnia and Highgrove Camps
  • In Sahrnia Quarry
  • Found midway between the Highgrove and Drakon's Rise Camps, just west of the vein found near Drakon's Rise Camp

Veilfire glyphs

  • Frost Rune Schematic Frost Rune Schematic - found within the cave in Sahrnia Quarry, the entrance begins south of the Suledin Keep map marker. The Veilfire torch is located at the end of the cave, the glyph is roughly halfway through, almost directly west of the Suledin Keep map marker just past the loot box on a small ledge.
    Note: The illusory wall leading to the Ardent Blossom is located just west of the Veilfire torch; see side quest The Tiniest Cave for specifics.


Codex entries

Codex entry: Emprise du Lion Codex entry: Emprise du Lion
Codex entry: Exhuming Bodies by Moonlight Codex entry: Exhuming Bodies by Moonlight
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Note texts

Fisherman's Letter Fisherman's Letter
Grey Warden Diaries (battered journal) Grey Warden Diaries (battered journal)
Grey Warden Diaries (Valeska's Watch diary) Grey Warden Diaries (Valeska's Watch diary)
Knight-Captain's Orders Knight-Captain's Orders
The Hunt The Hunt
The Hunt (ripped) The Hunt (ripped)
Knight-Captain's Orders Knight-Captain's Orders
Written Confession Written Confession


  • There is a small unmarked cave south of Highgrove Camp: when following the path through Alphonse's Passage west from the Drakon's Rise Inquisition Camp, it is visible in the bend of passage due south of Highgrove Camp. The cave has frozen bodies hanging from the ceiling, weapons scattered on the ground, a pyramid shaped box with a note that says "DON'T TOUCH MY PYRAMID" and a loot chest (See gallery picture below).


  • In French, "Emprise du Lion" is translated as the "Lion's Grip".


  • xboxonexboxonepcpcps4ps4 The glyph may be rendered inside of the cave wall and not visible, but can still be interacted with. [confirmation needed]
  • pcpc Southwest of the Tower Camp there is an icon of a locked door next to a tower corresponding to the locked door underground at Valeska's Watch. This icon may not correctly disappear from the map after the door is opened.



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