Emprise du Lion is an area in the Highlands of the Dales.[1] It is a cold and craggy environment dotted with elven ruins.

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The ancient and the modern co-exist in the highlands of Emprise du Lion, where relics of the lost elven nation are scattered among bustling human villages. These hills are home to the village of Sahrnia, known throughout Orlais for its quarry, which produces azure granite of remarkable quality.
—Excerpt from the quest journal

Emprise du Lion is a snow-covered area formerly occupied by elves. Several ancient elven ruins including a large keep and coliseums are located in the area. The hot springs in the Emprise have attracted dragons in recent years.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The Inquisition investigates Red Templar activity in Emprise du Lion. The Red Templars seize Suledin Keep as their headquarters and begin to use the nearby quarry as a site for the growth and harvest of Red lyrium to supply their forces. They have also made several raids on the nearby village of Sahrnia.

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Map of Emprise du Lion

Regions Edit

  • Alphonse's Passage
  • Drakon's Rise
  • Drakon's Tower
  • Elfsblood River
  • Elfsblood Tower
  • Elven Ruin
  • Etienne's Ring
  • Highgrove
  • Judicael's Crossing
  • Judicael's Ring
  • Leontine's Ring
  • Pools of Sun
  • Ico Village Sahrnia
  • Sahrnia Quarry
  • Hightown icon Suledin Keep
  • Tower of Bone
  • Valeska's Watch (Note: Even through there are 17 locations listed above, only 16 are required for the Emprise du Lion Collections quest and this location doesn't seem to trigger as part of the quest or even a separate location from Drakon's Rise.)

Inquisition Camps Edit

  • Drakon's Rise Camp
  • Highgrove Camp
  • Sahrnia Camp
  • Tower Camp

Quests Edit

Quest icon DAI A Timely Intervention
Quest icon DAI Breeding Grounds
Quest icon DAI Caged Confession
Quest icon DAI Call Me Imshael
Quest icon DAI Capturing Suledin Keep
Quest icon DAI Mama's Ring
Quest icon DAI Red Captors
Quest icon DAI Rocky Rescue
Quest icon DAI Rumors of the Sulevin Blade
Quest icon DAI Securing Safe Passage
Quest icon DAI Sifting Through Rubble
Quest icon DAI Stalker
Quest icon DAI Take Back the Lion
Quest icon DAI The Corruption of Sahrnia
Quest icon DAI They Shall Not Pass
Quest icon DAI Turning the Tables
Quest icon DAI Quarry Quandary
Quest icon DAI Valeska's Watch
Quest icon DAI Words not Hollow

Rifts Edit

Quest icon DAI Rifts at Drakon's Cleft
Quest icon DAI Rift at Elfsblood Tower
Quest icon DAI Rifts in the Springs
Quest icon DAI Rift on Frozen Water

Requisitions Edit

Quest icon DAI Bloodstone Survey in the Emprise
Quest icon DAI Brazier Requisition in the Emprise
Quest icon DAI Coat Requisition in the Emprise
Quest icon DAI Shelter Requisition in the Emprise

Collections Edit

Bottles on the Wall Edit

Bottles On The Wall icon Legacy White Shear - Near the entrance of the locked tower in Sahrnia quarry
Bottles On The Wall icon Abyssal Peach - Inside Suledin Keep past the cages and the first giant encounter, before the lyrium tents.

Dragon Hunter Edit

High Dragon icon Hivernal
High Dragon icon Kaltenzahn
High Dragon icon Highland Ravager

Landmarks Edit

Landmark icon Landmarks in the Emprise

Shards Edit

Oculara and Shards icon Shards in the Emprise

Skyhold Customizations Edit

Resources Edit

Herbs Edit

Arbor Blessing icon Arbor Blessing
Black Lotus icon Black Lotus
Elfroot icon Elfroot
Felandaris icon Felandaris
Rashvine icon Rashvine
Rashvine Nettle icon Rashvine Nettle

Metal Edit

Bloodstone icon Bloodstone
Dawnstone icon Dawnstone
Silverite icon Silverite

Notable items Edit

Elven artifacts Edit

  • On a cliffside ledge, east of Drakon's Tower (east of Valeska's Watch)
  • Hidden within an arch directly north (or to the right of) the ocularum in the 2nd dragon ring near the 'Leontine's Steward' region (it is hidden from view so, you must jump down from the last archway in the ring to the large rock-ledge below to access the artifact.)

Logging stands Edit

  • Next to south-east of the Highgrove camp.
  • The island at the center of the frozen lake, by an unmarked hunter campsite, and a tower with a locked door.

Red Jenny's Caches Edit

  • Inside Sahrnia Quarry

Veilfire glyphs Edit

Frost Rune Schematic Icon Frost Rune Schematic - Found in a cave in Sahrnia Quarry that starts south of the Suledin Keep map marker. The Veilfire torch is at the end of the cave, the glyph is about halfway through, almost directly west of the Suledin Keep map marker. Just past the loot box on a small ledge.
Note: the illusory wall rock leading to the Ardent Blossom helm as part of The Tiniest Cave is located just west of the Veilfire torch.

Loot Edit

Ardent-Blossom-icon Ardent Blossom, found down the endless staircase near Suledin Keep once The Tiniest Cave is completed
Caliban icon Caliban, drop from Kaltenzahn
Mask of Valmont icon Curse of Morrac, found in Elfsblood Tower
Dukes Mane icon Duke's Mane, drop from the Highland Ravager
Audacity icon Knightslayer looted from a corpse in Valeska's Watch
March of the Everlasting icon March of the Everlasting, drop from Imshael
Rebuke of the Sunderland icon Rebuke of the Sunderland, found in Elfsblood Tower
Staff of the Void icon Staff of the Void, drop from Hivernal
Walking Death icon Walking Death, drop from the Highland Ravager
Wintersbreath icon Wintersbreath looted from a corpse in Valeska's Watch
Superb Fire Rune schematic icon Superb Cleansing Rune Schematic, sold by the Suledin Keep Merchant for
7294 Currency (Inquisition)

Codex entries Edit

Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Emprise du Lion
Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Exhuming Bodies by Moonlight
Codex icon DAI Codex entry: In Death
Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Judicael's Crossing
Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Suledin Keep Documents
Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Tower of Bone
Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Trading with Kal-Sharok
Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Valeska's Watch

Notes Edit

  • There is a small cave between Highgrove and Drakon's Rise camps, west of the logging camp that has frozen bodies hanging from the ceiling, weapons scattered on the ground, a pyramid shaped box with a note that says "DON'T TOUCH MY PYRAMID" and a loot chest (See gallery picture below).

Bugs Edit

  • xboxoneXbox one iconpcIcon pcps4Icon ps4 The glyph may be rendered inside of the cave wall and not visible, but can still be interacted with. [confirmation needed]
  • pcIcon pc Southwest of the Tower Camp there is an icon of a locked door next to a tower corresponding to the locked door underground at Valeska's Watch. This icon may not correctly disappear from the map after the door is opened.

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  1. Emprise du Lion official reveal
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