Wow. Are you... are you a mage? Because you just magicked my breath away.

Emile de Launcet is the fifth son of Guillaume de Launcet and Dulci de Launcet, two minor nobles from Orlais. Emile was born in Kirkwall, but, at the age of six, was discovered to be a mage and taken to the Kirkwall Circle of Magi.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Emile is involved in the quest On The Loose.

After Knight-Commander Meredith asks Hawke to retrieve three magi that have escaped the Circle, Hawke will go to the de Launcet manor in Hightown. There, it will be revealed that Emile's mother, Dulci, took pity on him and gave him gold in order to leave Kirkwall and start a new life. Rather than that, Emile went to The Hanged Man Tavern and started to drink the money away. Once Hawke arrives, it becomes clear that Emile is not an escaped blood mage.

He is simply a man who never got to experience life and came to the Tavern so he could drink and fornicate with women. He spread the rumor he was a blood mage in the hopes it would make him seem more dangerous and thus more desirable. Hawke then has the choice to let him go or turn him in. Letting him go will cause Emile to leave Kirkwall and his mother will send Hawke gold along with a thank you letter. If he is allowed to sleep with Nella she will show up at the Comte's estate the next day claiming she is pregnant with Emile's child.

If Isabela is in the party Hawke can offer her to Emile, to which she will refuse by saying that she can whore herself without help (this happens even if Isabela is in a romance with Hawke).

If Emile is spared and sent back to the Circle, and if Hawke sides with the Circle of Magi in The Last Straw, he will be present in the Gallows just before the final battle commences.

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