What if one of the women who died was someone you loved?

Emeric is a templar who is adamant that a serial killer is stalking the women of Kirkwall.

Involvement Edit

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Dragon Age II.

Emeric is a templar who Hawke first encounters in the The First Sacrifice quest in Darktown, where he is investigating the disappearance of a female Circle mage, Mharen. Emeric suspects that the Mharen's absence, as well as another woman named Ninette de Carrac were connected. Hawke can bring Ninette's remains to him at the end of the quest.

Three years later, Emeric contacts Hawke during Prime Suspect quest. He states that there is a lead on the murders: Gascard DuPuis, who had met with the two women. Emeric had the city guard raid Gascard's house but they found nothing and he was forced to cease his investigation by order of Knight-Commander Meredith. After Hawke finishes investigating, a young templar by the name of Moira will hand Hawke a note saying that Emeric will meet them at the agreed upon location, despite no such meeting being arranged. When Hawke arrives at the mysterious location, they will discover Emeric's corpse and a shade.

Trivia Edit

  • When not in the Gallows courtyard, Emeric can be seen sitting in the corner at The Blooming Rose.
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