The Emerald Graves is a forested region of the Dales in Orlais. The area is an ancient elven burial ground but has been partly occupied by Orlesians in more recent times.

Background Edit

Long ago, before the fall of the Dales, a tree was planted for every warrior who pledged themselves to the guardianship of the Dales; these warriors were the Emerald Knights of Halamshiral. When humans began encroaching on our borders, the Knights banded together to protect us from their incursion. But the humans were many, and their Chantry powerful, and they eventually conquered the Dales. The trees that once represented the Emerald Knights were now living symbols of their sacrifice—the Emerald Graves.
—As told by Keeper Gisharel of the Ralaferin Clan[1]

Orlesian nobility referred to region as the Greatwood; however, when the Dales were still an independent nation the region was commonly labeled the Emerald March. It is said that each tree found in the Graves is a reminder of a life lost during the Exalted March against the Dales.[2]

The southern half of the region is relatively civilized, marked with road signs and Orlesian estates, though they have recently fallen into disrepair from the War of the Lions. Further into the region, the woods teem with wildlife and vast foliage. The area is home to many common beasts including wolves, brontos and nugs. In the northern-most region unique creatures such as giants and great bears rome freely, whilst the Greater Mistral reigns supreme.

Traveling through the Dales, one will see dozens of carven stone wolves. The Dalish call these the Knights’ Guardians. In the days of elven Halamshiral, wolf companions walked alongside Emerald Knights, never leaving the side of their chosen knight. Wolf and elf would fight together, eat together, and when the knights slept, wolves would guard them. The statues were erected in memory of their unbreakable bond.[3]

This forest in the Dales, once known as the Emerald March, is now the Emerald Graves. A tree grows here for every elven knight who died in the Dales, protecting the region from the humans during their Exalted March on the Dales.
—Excerpt from the quest journal

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The Emerald Graves are home to Orlesian refugees that have recently lost their homes due the encroaching War of the Lions as well as from raiding parties led by the Freemen of the Dales. The Freemen are composed of deserters from both Celene and Gaspard de Chalons's army. They have taken to harassing the refugees in area and forced them into hiding; they are also inadvertently colluding with Red Templars and Venatori in pushing the Elder One's agenda in the region.

The refugees, led by Evariste "Fairbanks" Lemarque welcome the Inquisitor's aid in dealing with the Freemen, Red Templars and Venatori. The Inquisitor can gain access to The Graves by completing the Make Contact in the Emerald Graves war table scouting operation in Skyhold.

Places Edit


Map of the Emerald Graves

Regions Edit

Note: The 26 regions below make up the Regions in the Graves collection. Discovering all of them grants 300 Influence.
  • Andruil's Wall
  • Argon's Lodge
  • Briathos' Steps
  • Direstone
  • Elgar'nan's Bastion
  • Firewater Garden
  • Gracevine
  • Great Bear Cove
  • Harrow
  • Hopwood
  • Emerald Graves icon (Inquisition) The Lion's Pavilion
  • Nettle Pass
  • Peacewood
  • Rush of Sighs
  • Silver Falls
  • Silverspray Perch
  • Southfinger Tower
  • Southfinger Watch
  • Stonereach
  • Stonewolf Green
  • Twisted Tree Rise
  • Cave icon map DAI Veridium Mine
  • Small location icon (Inquisition) Villa Maurel
  • Watcher's Canyon
  • Watcher's Pass
  • Cave icon map DAI Watcher's Reach
Note: To register the Southfinger Tower towards the collection counter, the Inquisitor must get as close as possible to the region, otherwise it can be easily missed.

Additional places Edit

Inquisition Camps Edit

  • Hill Camp
  • Briathos' Steps
  • Direstone Camp
  • Gracevine Camp

Characters Edit

Quests Edit

Quest icon DAI A Bear to Cross
Quest icon DAI A Corrupt General
Quest icon DAI A Deluded Chevalier
Quest icon DAI A Fallen Sister
Quest icon DAI A Lover's Promise
Quest icon DAI A Puppet Master
Quest icon DAI A Vicious Thug
Quest icon DAI Chateau d'Onterre
Quest icon DAI Devotion
Quest icon DAI Fairbanks' Trust
Quest icon DAI Fairbanks Patrol Under Attack (unmarked side quest)
Quest icon DAI Holding the Emerald Graves
Quest icon DAI Last Wishes
Quest icon DAI Map of Elgar'nan's Bastion
Quest icon DAI Map of Watcher's Pass
Quest icon DAI Motherly Encouragement
Quest icon DAI Noble Deeds, Noble Heart
Quest icon DAI Not Everyone's Free
Quest icon DAI Observing the Menace
Quest icon DAI Parson's Battered Notebook (unmarked side quest)
Quest icon DAI Safe Keeping
Quest icon DAI The Freemen of the Dales
Quest icon DAI The Knights' Tomb
Quest icon DAI The Tiniest Cave
Quest icon DAI Victims of War
Quest icon DAI Watcher's Reach Refugees

Rifts Edit

Quest icon DAI Rifts at the Cove
Quest icon DAI Rifts at the Pavilion
Quest icon DAI Rifts at the Reach
Quest icon DAI Rifts near the Sighs

Requisitions Edit

Quest icon DAI Artifact Requisition in the Graves
Quest icon DAI Lure Requisition in the Graves
Quest icon DAI Obsidian Survey in the Graves
Quest icon DAI Pyrophite Survey in the Graves
Quest icon DAI Remedy Requisition in the Graves

Creatures Edit

Enemies Edit

Collections Edit

Astrariums Edit

Astarium icon Astrariums in the Graves

Bottles on the Wall Edit

Bottles On The Wall icon Sun Blonde Vint-1 - Search the east riverbank just north of the Silver Falls landmark.
Bottles On The Wall icon Absence - Search the small room located inside Argon's Lodge on top of some boxes.
Bottles On The Wall icon Mackay's Epic Single Malt - Search in the bear cave just north of Chateau D'Onterre's entrance.
Bottles On The Wall icon Chasind Sack Mead - Search the Red Templar Camp north of the Southfinger Tower.

Dragon Hunter Edit

High Dragon icon Greater Mistral

Landmarks Edit

Landmark icon Landmarks in the Graves

Mosaics Edit

Mosaic Pieces icon Invasion 7/12 pieces:

  • In the Veridium Mine.
  • Inside Argon's Lodge on a makeshift table with random junk on it, search the room directly to the left of a log pile located in the southeast corner.
  • Inside Villa Maurel, search the personal store room, adjacent to the study. A warrior is required to break the wall to access it.
  • Just outside the main entrance of Din'an Hanin at the Din'an Hanin landmark.
  • Inside of Din'an Hanin; found in the Knight's Hall on a pew along the eastern wall.
  • On the southwest balcony of Chateau d'Onterre. Jump out of the bedchamber window onto a ledge then jump to the top of the nearby building on the right.
  • In Chateau d'Onterre; on the left-hand wall inside the locked room off of the Grand Balcony.
    Note: Requires Deft Hands, Fine Tools Inquisition perk.

Shards Edit

Oculara and Shards icon Shards in the Graves

Skyhold Customizations Edit

Skyhold-Customization-icon Dalish Banner - In a barrel, found in the empty shack close to the entrance of Argon's Lodge.
Skyhold-Customization-icon Orlesian Banner Crown - In the safe located inside the Vault of Villa Maurel; see side quest Safe Keeping.

Songs Edit

Song icon The Girl in Red Crossing - Found inside Chateau d'Onterre.

Resources Edit

Herbs Edit

Arbor Blessing icon Arbor Blessing
Blood Lotus DAI Blood Lotus
Deep Mushroom icon Deep Mushroom
Elfroot icon Elfroot
Embrium icon Embrium
Prophets Laurel icon Prophet's Laurel
Rashvine icon Rashvine
Rashvine Nettle icon Rashvine Nettle
Royal Elfroot icon Royal Elfroot
Spindleweed DAI icon Spindleweed

Leather Edit

August Ram Leather icon August Ram Leather
Great Bear Hide icon Great Bear Hide

Metals Edit

Bloodstone icon Bloodstone
Dawnstone icon Dawnstone
Everite icon Everite
Iron icon Iron
Obsidian icon Obsidian
Pyrophite icon Pyrophite
Stormheart icon Stormheart

Notable items Edit

Elven artifacts Edit

  • In the southernmost room of the Hallowed Tombs in Din'an Hanin's Upper Crypts.
  • In the Firewater Garden, just northeast of the small bridge, on the western end of a ruined wall.
  • Due east of the southwestern most Astrarium, found just south of Argon's Lodge.
  • In a small room adjacent to the Ballroom in Chateau d'Onterre.

Logging stands Edit

Quarries Edit

  • Northeast of Direstone Camp near the rift.
  • West of Gracevine Camp (just slightly north the camp), against the rock wall.

Red Jenny's Caches Edit

Veilfire glyphs Edit

Lightning rune schematic icon Lightning Rune Schematic - Found on the path heading south out of Watcher's Reach. The glyph is located on the right side wall; the veilfire torch is located inside Watcher's Reach.

Loot Edit

  • Unique amulet icon Andraste's Sacrifice - Looted from a chest found in Villa Maurel's study.
    Note: Requires installation of Patch 10.
  • Ardent-Blossom-icon Ardent Blossom - Looted from a chest under Suledin Keep in Emprise du Lion. The chest only spawns upon completion of the side quest The Tiniest Cave.
  • Cordovas Smile icon Cordova's Smile - Available for purchase from Gertrude for
    3296 Currency (Inquisition).
  • Yavanalis icon Deathward - see Astrariums in the Graves
  • Estwatch Guard icon Estwatch Guard - Looted from a Revenant in Din'an Hanin; see side quest The Knights' Tomb.
  • Evanura icon Evanura - Locate Codex entry: The Silver Knight in the Exalted Plains then search near the Lindiranae's Tree landmark.
  • Gift of the Talons icon Gift of the Talons - Looted from the Greater Mistral high dragon.
  • Axe of the Dragon Hunter icon Glittering Darmallon - Looted from Commander Duhaime outside Villa Maurel; see side quest A Vicious Thug.
  • Helm of the Inquisitor icon Helm of the Inquisitor - Looted from the Greater Mistral high dragon.
  • In War Victory icon In War, Victory - Looted from the Greater Mistral high dragon.
  • Bane of Red Crossing icon Longshot - Found on a corpse next to the Twisted Tree landmark, just north of the Greater Mistral high dragon.
  • Maul of Tacitus icon Maul of Tacitus - see Astrariums in the Graves
    Note: Trespasser required.
  • Soulkisser icon Soulkisser - Looted from Sister Costeau in the Veridium Mine; see side quest A Fallen Sister.
  • Unique belt icon Superb Belt of Health - see side quest Map of Watcher's Pass
  • Tacticians renewal icon Superb Cooldown Amulet - Looted from an Arcane horror; see side quest Chateau d'Onterre.
  • Unique ring icon Superb Ring of Staggering - Looted from a chest in the locked room on the Grand Balcony; see side quest Chateau d'Onterre.

Codex entries Edit

Codex icon DAI Codex entry: A Midwife's Journal
Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Battleground State
Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Knight's Guardian
Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Parson's Battered Notebook
Codex icon DAI Codex entry: The Emerald Graves
Codex icon DAI Codex entry: The Perendale War
Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Vallasdahlen
Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Sketch of Chateau Courtyard
Codex icon DAI Codex entry: The Diary of Troilus Hertubise

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References Edit

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  3. An excerpt from In Pursuit of Knowledge: The Travels of a Chantry Scholar by Brother Genitivi; taken from Codex entry: Knight's Guardian
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