Emalien is a young Dalish elf and one of of Keeper Hawen's clan.


Emalien can be found in the Dalish Encampment in the Exalted Plains, concerned about her younger brother's whereabouts. Valorin has run off after being passed up for the position of First. If she is approached she will give the Inquisitor the quest Someone to Lose, to find her brother.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Valorin's burned remains can be found in a ruined house north of the camp. The young man died attempting to perform a blood magic ritual using an ancient elven artifact to prove himself to Keeper Hawen. The Inquisitor can then return to the Emalien with both the artifact and news of Valorin's death. Depending on the dialogue chosen the Inquisitor may gain or lose favor with the clan.

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