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For the location in Dragon Age: Origins, see Elven Ruins.
For the location in Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer, see Elven Ruins (Inquisition).

The Elven Ruins are an isolated ruin from the time of Elvhenan.


Nothing is known about the ruins. They seem to be ancient and are adorned with a large number of statues dedicated to the trickster deity of the elven pantheonFen'Harel, the Dread Wolf.


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The Inquisitor enters the eluvian in the Darvaarad in pursuit of Viddasala and finds themselves in overgrown ruins. They do not get far before the Anchor starts to melt down - it now discharges uncontrollably if focus is not spent early. Qunari forces block the path ahead. In a desperate bid against time, the Inquisitor fights their way through the Overgrown Path, the Gully and the Long Bridge.

In the Shrine to the Dread Wolf the Inqusitor catches up with Viddasala. She orders her saarebas, Saarath to attack, but he manages to break free of his leash in the course of the fight and flees. Viddasala leaves the antaam to deal with the Inquisitor and disappears once again.

There is a number of eluvians in the next courtyard. Yet all but one lead to the courtyard itself and turn red and inactive after being used. One mirror leads to a secluded area within the Shrine. The single eluvian there is protected by a magical barrier and guarded by Saarath, who now summons demons to aid him in battle. When he is defeated, the Inquisitor goes through the mirror alone. Behind it they see the Qunari including Viddasala turned to stone and Solas ready to provide some long-waited answers.


Overgrown Path
Long Bridge
Shrine to the Dread Wolf


Trespasser Trespasser


Golden halla


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