Qunari take my people! My siblings forget their culture, then go to the Qun for purpose. We're losing them twice!

The Elven Fanatic is a crazed elven woman who was possibly poisoned by the false Qunari black powder. She attempts to incite war between Kirkwall and the Qunari because she believes it's the only way to free her "people" from throwing away their heritage and lives to servitude among the Qunari, as well as in general since elves are considered second class "citizens".

Involvement[edit | edit source]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

The elven woman agreed to aid an unidentified group attempting to incense the Kirkwall citizenry against the Qunari by stealing the powder and causing a few disasters to lay blame at the Qunari's feet. She steals saar-qamek from the Qunari, believing it to be an explosive black powder, gaatlok. She frames Javaris Tintop for the crime, causing the Arishok to ask Hawke to pursue Javaris. While Hawke pursues Javaris, the elven woman uses the saar-qamek, and is horrified when the mist causes everyone in the vicinity to go mad or vomit until death. Nevertheless, when Hawke arrives at the Side Alley in Lowtown, she is enraged that they've stopped her and she attacks them.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

See the article on Blackpowder Courtesy for strategies on how to defeat her. She has slightly higher health than the Mercenary Commanders you fight while closing the gas barrels. After her death, she drops Formula: Arcane Poison and The Brothers' End.

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