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The Denerim Alienage is a walled off, impoverished district of the city of Denerim, where the majority of Denerim's elves reside. It is the starting location of the City Elf Origin.


Map of the area

There have been alienages for as long as elves and shems have lived in the same lands. They say that Val Royeaux has ten thousand elves living in a space no bigger than Denerim's market. Their walls are supposedly so high that daylight doesn't reach the vhenadahl until midday. But don't be so anxious to start tearing down the walls. They keep out more than they keep in. Sometimes a family gets a good break, and they buy a house in the docks, or the outskirts of town. If they're lucky, they come back to the alienage after the looters have burned their house down. We look out for each other. Here, we do what we can to remember the old ways.
—From Codex entry: Alienage Culture

The alienage was last purged around 9:10 Dragon, after an elf killed a human in a fist fight by the docks. An angry mob gathered at nightfall, laying waste to the entire alienage. Soris' parents numbered among the casualties.[1]


Dragon Age: Origins[]

See City Elf Origin for information about who and what can be found at this location during the origin story.

After the origin story, the alienage is closed off after Arl Rendon Howe led a purge under the pretense of quelling an elven riot, killing many elves in the process. The purge and the ensuing riots were so violent that the alienage's orphanage became haunted by demons not long after.[2]

To make matters worse, sometime after the Battle of Ostagar, infected Blight refugees arrived in Denerim seeking safe shelter and spread the illness to the elves resulting in the deaths of many [3] and prompting a quarantine of the alienage itself.

When Arl Eamon Guerrin calls the Landsmeet, Queen Anora informs the Warden of rumors of unrest in the alienage, believing it a good place to gather evidence against Teyrn Loghain. The following investigations uncover that Loghain had made 'arrangements' with a group of Tevinter slavers led by a mage named Caladrius. The arrangement ensured that the slavers would operate freely in Denerim's alienage in exchange for gold. The slavers used the quarantine as a cover up, claiming to be on a humanitarian mission to heal the elves with the personal consent of Loghain, while covertly kidnapping promising elves and shipping them off to Tevinter. Among the kidnapped elves may have been the alienage's elder, Valendrian.

During the Battle of Denerim, the alienage was besieged by a huge darkspawn force led by a powerful hurlock emissary. The alienage elves may or may have not helped the Warden to defend their home during the battle.

After the Battle of Denerim, the alienage fell under the leadership of Shianni, who replaced Valendrian as the elder.[4] The new ruler of Ferelden may have called Shianni to be part of the court,[5] and may have even promoted the alienage to be part of the bannorn, appointing an elf as its bann, to the surprise of many nobles.[6] However, the lot of the Denerim elves hasn't improved much after the Fifth Blight. A food shortage not long after the Blight may have ended in a riot that forced the monarch to come down hard against elven rioters.[7] By 9:40 Dragon, many of the surviving residents have largely abandoned the alienage.[8]

The Darkspawn Chronicles[]

The Archdemon commands the Hurlock vanguard to burn the alienage to the ground, giving special emphasis in the destruction of the vhenadahl. The Hurlock vanguard's forces kill all the Denerim's elves, including the Antivan crow Zevran Arainai, in the process.


Cyrion Tabris

Haggard Human

Ser Otto


Dragon Age: Origins[]

  • Amethyne - daughter of Iona, the lady-in-waiting to Lady Landra who was killed in the attack on Castle Cousland; she can be seen wandering the streets during Unrest in the Alienage wondering when her mother will be returning from Highever
  • Alarith - in his store
  • Cyrion - potentially returns to his home at conclusion of Unrest in the Alienage
  • Elder Valendrian - potentially returns to his home at conclusion of Unrest in the Alienage
  • Haggard Human - only when first arriving (or the second visit, if the Warden is a City Elf); he is being harassed by several elf thugs; after the Warden appears the thugs will flee; there is a single multiple choice dialogue option, while the human's responses will heavily vary based on the origin of the Warden, he will leave afterwards
  • Elf Guard - involved in the quest Unrest in the Alienage
  • Healer Saritor - involved in the quest Unrest in the Alienage
  • Healer Veras - involved in the quest Unrest in the Alienage
  • Hooded Courier - when on the quest Grease the Wheels
  • Ser Otto - can start the quest Something Wicked
  • Shianni - involved in the quest Unrest in the Alienage, first time talking to can yield Codex entry: Valendrian
  • Soris - in Cyrion's Home if not in Arl of Denerim's Estate - Dungeon
  • Starved Veteran - a city elf beggar
  • Varel Baern - when on the quest Scraping the Barrel
  • Deranged Beggar - when on the quest Something Wicked and Hearing Voices
  • Tevinter Guards - involved in the quest Unrest in the Alienage
  • Soldier - involved in the quest Unrest in the Alienage

The Darkspawn Chronicles[]

  • Elder Valendrian - as an enemy in the quest Burn the Vhenadahl
  • Zevran Arainai - as an enemy in the quest Slaughter the Elves


The vhenadahl of Denerim's alienage

City Elf Origin[]

A Day for Celebration A Day for Celebration

Dragon Age: Origins[]

Unrest in the Alienage Unrest in the Alienage
Fazzil's Request Fazzil's Request (in the Run-Down Apartments)
Grease the Wheels Grease the Wheels
Hearing Voices Hearing Voices
Places of Power Places of Power
Scraping the Barrel Scraping the Barrel
Something Wicked Something Wicked

The Darkspawn Chronicles[]

Main quests[]

Rampage to the Alienage Rampage to the Alienage
Raze the Alienage Raze the Alienage
Rampage to the Palace Rampage to the Palace

Side quests[]

Burn the Vhenadahl Burn the Vhenadahl
Slaughter the Elves Slaughter the Elves


Dragon Age: Origins[]

There are no hostile characters when the Warden enters the area, though it is possible that a fight can break out during the investigation into the Unrest in the Alienage.

The Darkspawn Chronicles[]

  • Zevran Arainai (Elf, Rogue, Elite Boss)
  • Valendrian (Elf, Warrior, Lieutenant)
  • Elven Elder (Elf, Warrior, Lieutenant)
  • Elven Defender (Elf, Warrior, Normal)
  • Elven Archer (Elf, Warrior, Normal)
  • Frightened Elf (Elf, Warrior, Normal)

Notable items[]

Dragon Age: Origins[]

Deathroot Deathroot (2)
Fang Fang - source: Cyrion (City Elf Origin only)
Tevinter Enchanter's Robes Tevinter Enchanter's Robes - source: Tevinter healers.
Hospice Key Hospice Key - source: Elf Guard, Healer Saritor, or Hospice Supervisor.

Companion Gifts[]

Andraste's Grace Andraste's Grace

The Darkspawn Chronicles[]

Crow Dagger Crow Dagger - source: Zevran.
Enchanted Dagger Enchanted Dagger - source: Valendrian.

Companion Gifts[]

Antivan Leather Boots Antivan Leather Boots - source: Zevran.
Tribal Necklace Tribal Necklace - source: Valendrian.

Special objects[]


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