Elren is a city elf and merchant living in Kirkwall.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Elren is involved in the quest Magistrate's Orders. Upon arriving at the Abandoned Ruins, Hawke witnesses Elren berating the guards for failing to deliver justice to a murderer whose victims include his daughter, Lia. If questioned, Elren says that the murderer has been killing elven children, and implies that death is the only appropriate punishment.

After finding the murderer, Hawke can kill Kelder to receive Elren's thanks along with 1Gold. Although Lia is found alive, bringing Kelder to Magistrate Vanard angers Elren, who says that they will have to leave Kirkwall to be safe.

In 9:34 Dragon, Hawke receives a letter from Elren. If the murderer was killed, Elren mentions that Lia "has found a hero in you." If Kelder's life was spared, Elren apologizes and expresses his gratitude, along with concerns for Lia, saying "my poor girl now thinks every man is a monster in disguise."

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