Ella is a character featured in Dragon Age II.


Ella has grown up in the Kirkwall Circle of Magi.


Ella is involved in the quest Dissent. After Hawke and Anders follow Ser Otto Alrik into a cave, they will find him about to turn Ella into a Tranquil. Hawke and Anders will then kill Alrik and his Templars, but, after the battle, a Justice-possesed Anders will also want to kill Ella. At this point, Hawke can either intervene through dialogue or ignore the situation (inadvertantly leading to Ella's death). Either way, this event will push Anders to seperate from Justice and lead him to run from the scene. When reterning to Darktown, Hawk will find Ella (if alive) and either convince her to re-join the Circle or retern home. If the latter option is chosen, Hawke will recieve a letter of thanks explaining that she has left the Circle and is living as an apostate.

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