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For the non-crafted version, see Elgar'nan Enaste.

Elgar'nan Enaste Schematic is a tier 3 bow schematic from the Trespasser DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition.




  • The "Explosive Arrows" property enhances the weapon's basic attack to include a fire-damage area-of-effect explosion in addition to the weapon's basic physical-damage hit. The fire damage is inflicted at 100% weapon damage, but is not eligible for crits. This property affects basic attacks only, and does not affect abilities.
  • The radius of the explosion is small. Thus, the explosion will typically not hit an additional target unless it is close to the main target.
  • Hits from Explosive Arrows contribute to the hit counter of the Pincushion passive.
  • Adding an elemental rune to the crafted weapon will also add an additional physical-damage hit to the weapon's basic attack. The additional physical-damage hit has a modified damage as compared to the base physical-damage hit.
  • When an elemental rune has been added, both the additional physical-damage hit and the fire-damage hit from Explosive Arrows will trigger the rune's elemental damage (in the same manner that the weapon's base hit triggers the rune). Therefore, when attacking a single target using basic attacks, the rune's elemental damage will trigger three times per shot.


  • If Simulacrum is used to gain access to the chest, be sure to return back to the other side of the flames before the ability expires. Otherwise, the controlled character will remain in the flames upon waking and will be stuck in an endless cycle of being knocked unconscious.
  • If Fade Cloak is used to gain access to the chest, Fade Step can then be used to cross back before the ability expires.