Elfroot Potion is a usable item in Dragon Age II. It restores 80% of the user's health and heals one injury.

Acquisition Edit

Notes Edit

  • This potion's cooldown is tied to that of ordinary Health Potions, not Injury Kits.
  • This potion can only be used when the character's health is below 100%, i.e. in combat or from field effects such as a continuous fire trap, regardless of injuries. Thus, unlike ordinary Injury Kits it cannot be effectively used to heal injuries prior to a major battle, only during.
  • Having Elfroot Potions in the player's inventory does not impact the difficulty-based cap for Health Potions and Injury Kits generated in loot.

Crafting Edit

Recipe Makes Ingredients
Elfroot Potion
Elfroot Potion
Elfroot DA2

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