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For the ingredient in Dragon Age: Origins, see Elfroot (Origins).
For the herb in Dragon Age: Inquisition, see Elfroot (Inquisition).

Elfroot is a crafting resource in Dragon Age II.


Elfroot was first used by the elves of Arlathan, hence the name. The root gave their medicines particular efficacy, so when the Imperium conquered the elves, the magisters adopted its use and its popularity spread to all corners of the empire.

Elfroot is a hardy plant with large green leaves that grows wild in many places. It's so common that it tends to show up in most gardens and fields, almost like a weed. Unlike a weed, however, most people appreciate having access to the wonderful little plant. The roots can be used with very little preparation. Rubbing some of the juice on a wound, for example, will speed up healing and numb pain. And chewing on a slice of root treats minor ailments like indigestion, flatulence, and hoarse throats.

There are several varieties, but the most useful for herbalists are the Bitter, Gossamer, and Royal Elfroots.

—An excerpt from The Botanical Compendium by Ines Arancia, botanist[1]


Note that during Acts 2 and 3 Emporium's Crafting Materials will stock elfroots you may have missed in previous acts for 6Gold 57Silver 97Bronze.

Act 1[]

  • 2 in Sundermount, one in the loop to the left between the entrance and the Dalish Camp, one behind the clump of stone in the first clearing up the mountain path (where the Dalish hunter insults Merrill). See map below.
  • 2 at the Wounded Coast, one on the south side of the north path just past that first northeast clearing, one at the dead end on the far west of the map
  • 1 at the Sundermount Ambush Site during The Way It Should Be, on the west side of the looping southern trail
  • 1 at The Bone Pit on the far east end of the map

Act 2[]

  • 1 at the Wounded Coast, about halfway down the east-west path on the south side (a little past the first Raiders)
  • 1 at Sundermount, in the stone ruin on the low path past the Dalish Camp

Act 3[]

  • 1 at the Wounded Coast, just past the mine cart on the east-west path

Codex entries[]

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