Feynriel, an elf-blooded mage

Elf-blooded, also known pejoratively as "half-elves" and "half-blood", are those sired by a human and elven parent. The elf-blooded appear physically human and are in fact considered purely human.[1] Indeed, the concept of being elf-blooded is a purely legal distinction, rather than a genetic one.[2]

Amongst elves the elf-blooded are typically viewed as the result of a human, often a nobleman,[3] seducing an elf. They may also be the product of rape.[4]

Elven genetics Edit

But when a human mates with an elf, the offspring is always human. No elven ears, no big pretty eyes, just a human. No way to tell him from a real man. Unless he gives it away himself. ―Melcendre[5]
Eiton concept art

Eiton, an elf-blooded child in Dragon Age Legends

The child of an elf and a human is phenotypically human. Similarly, the child of an elf-blooded human and an elf is another elf-blooded human, rather than an elf.[6] It is unknown if such a lineage would eventually become more "elven" through selective breeding. This does seem unlikely, however, as certain elven characteristics may carry on to an elf-blooded child, "fully elven" traits will not.[7]

Elf-blooded individuals could not produce an elven child together, as they are completely human (or dwarven, qunari, etc.) and inherit no elven genetics, etc., whatsoever from their elven parent.[2]

The elven genome has been described as "adaptive" and elven reproduction in this regard has "much more to do with magic" than science or simple breeding.[6]

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Dragon Age: The Masked Empire.

Thus Michel, an elf-blooded human suffered physical discomfort in the Crossroads and was unable to see the pattern in the labyrinth of runes on the floor of the central chamber, while all elves present found the world created by their ancestors welcoming and could clearly see the pattern.

Social status Edit

Appearing human, elf-blooded have the chance to live as humans if they choose, though some, such as Slim Couldry, choose to live proudly in an Alienage. The elf-blooded do not tend to distinguish themselves as a group for cultural reasons, and more often than not find themselves living amongst humans rather than elves, so Slim is a rare exception.[6] Appearing human, however, is not a guarantee that an elf-blooded will not be discriminated against. Notably, in Halamshiral, the elf-blooded do not enjoy the benefits their human status confers.[8] The city, being primarily elven, has a human quarter, the High Quarter, and all elves and elf-blooded are relegated to the elven slum that comprises the rest of the city.

Being elf-blooded carries great stigma in Thedas, as the subjugated status of elves is seen as a mark of shame on one's parentage. The potential cost to social status is such that some elf-blooded strive to conceal their parentage at all costs.[9] Similarly, these individuals can be looked down upon by full-blooded elves.[10] Indeed, it is considered better for an elf-blooded to be raised and live as a human, if possible, to enjoy the associated social advantages, than to be known to have an elven parent.

Known elf-blooded Edit

References Edit

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