Feynriel, a half-elf and a half-human

The elf-blooded, also known pejoratively as "half-elves," are those sired by a human and elven parent. Elf-blooded appear physically human – in fact, they are considered purely human.[1]

Elven genetics

The child of an elf-blooded human and an elf is another elf-blooded human.[2] It is unknown if such a lineage would eventually become more "elven" through selective breeding. The elven genome has been described as "adaptive" in that the elven bloodline becomes recessive if there is a human parent but it is unclear what if anything this may mean to the breeding of half-elves. It is unknown why elven blood becomes recessive when breeding with a human. More likely it has a supernatural origin relating to the nature of the elves themselves.

Social status

Unlike other types of halflings, such as the offspring of humans and dwarves, somewhat more is known of the elf-blooded and how they live. Appearing human, elf-blooded have the chance to live as humans if they choose, though some, such as Slim Couldry, choose to not only live proudly as an elf but to live amongst their fellow elves in the elven ghetto known as an Alienage. The elf-blooded do not tend to distinguish themselves as a group for cultural reasons, and more often than not find themselves living amongst humans rather than elves,[2] so Slim is a rare exception.

Being half-elven appears to carry stigma in Thedas, as the subjugated status of elves is seen as a mark of shame on one's parentage. Indeed, it is considered better for an elf-blooded to be raised and live as a human, if possible, to enjoy the associated social advantages, than to be known to have an elven parent.

Known elf-blooded


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