Weep not for me, child. Stone they made me and stone I am, eternal and unfeeling. And I shall endure 'til the Maker returns to light their fires again.

Eleni Zinovia is a former consort and advisor to Archon Valerius, and by him the mother of Archon Hessarian. Eleni Zinovia was gifted with the power of precognition, and received visions of the future through her dreams. Zinovia's prophecies were integral to Valerius' rise to power, but when she foretold of his downfall, he had her spirit bound to a stone statue for all eternity. As a statue, she was placed in front of Valerius' fortress to "tell her lies" to those who passed, but her prophecy came true. Valerius was killed and his fortress destroyed.[1]

Involvement Edit

Dragon Age: Origins Edit

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Dragon Age: Origins.

Eleni Zinovia will be encountered during the Magi Origin in the Tower basement. A mage Warden can communicate with her statue, over Lily's protestations. This provides Codex entry: The Tevinter Imperium.

Witch Hunt Edit

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Witch Hunt.

Eleni encountered Ferelden's new Warden-Commander during their pursuit of Morrigan.

She was distressed by the Veil Tears that had opened in the Tower's basement and would not speak coherently until they were closed. Once the tears were sealed, she provided the Warden-Commander and their companions the desired information on the eluvian and the Lights of Arlathan. Eleni also told Finn that they would not speak again. At the time, Finn was frightened by the implication that he was to die soon. Ultimately though, Eleni's prophecy came to fruition in a rather mundane and non-lethal way: Finn chose to travel with Ariane and never returned to the Circle.[2]

Quotes Edit

  • "No help can be given me, for this is my doom and my destiny."
  • "The prison is breached. I see the encroaching darkness. The... the shadow will consume all..."

Notes Edit

  • According to Mike Laidlaw, there is something to Eleni Zinovia's prophecies, they are not random.[3]

References Edit

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