Elemental Weapons is a mage spell from the Arcane tree in Dragon Age II.

Information Edit

  • Weapon damage: +10% for all party members

Notes Edit

  • Stacking
    • Does stack with other castings of Elemental Weapons if the staff elements are all different.
    • Does stack with runes of the same element.
    • Does not stack with other castings of Elemental Weapons by mages with the same staff element.
  • The damage type depends on the element of the caster's staff. The damage amount is based on the affected weapon's base damage.
  • If cast on a weapon with built-in secondary elemental damage, this spell overwrites its display in the floating damage values.
  • As the strength of weapon runes are dependent on the weapon's base damage as well, weapon runes will always provide a larger damage bonus on the same weapon.
  • If cast prior to applying Deathroot Toxin, the spell's visual effect will overwrite the poison's visual effect and vice-versa. It is unclear if this overwrites the other's damage itself; while both effects display as active on the HUD, only one elemental color appears in the floating damage values.
  • The elemental type of the bonus depends only on the staff type of the mage at the time of casting. If the mage later switches to a different staff type, the original bonus persists until they recast Elemental Weapons.
  • This spell works differently from the equivalents in Dragon Age: Origins (Flaming Weapons, Frost Weapons, Telekinetic Weapons) in that bows can be enchanted, and talents that use weapons to deal damage trigger the damage bonus as well. However, damage is significantly less, as it is unaffected by one's magic attribute.


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