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Elemental Requirements is a side quest in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening, granted by Herren in order to better arm the soldiers of Vigil's Keep against the expected darkspawn invasion.


Master Wade has been drafted in to provide arms and armour for the soldiers of Vigil's Keep; however, he is lacking in materials. He has therefore asked the Warden to look for metal deposits that he can use to upgrade the soldiers' equipment with.


Throughout your travels, be on the lookout for these three items:

Icon iron ore Iron Ore
Forge area at Kal'Hirol - Trade Quarter (not to be confused with Pure Iron, which is bought from Glassric and used for Golem's Might)
Veridium ore Veridium Ore
Underneath Vigil's Keep
Icon silverite ore Silverite Ore
In the Silverite Mine of the Wending Wood


Better equipped soldiers for the attack on Vigil's Keep; may affect the outcome of the battle and the ending (Epilogue) you receive.

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