Electrical Resistance Tonic is a tonic in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Each party member can equip up to four Electrical Resistance tonics in one potion belt slot.

Acquisition Edit

Crafted by the Inquisitor after obtaining the Lightning Resistance Tonic Recipe.

Materials required Edit

When fully upgraded:

Upgrades Edit

Name Effect Materials Required Requires
Increase Duration I Increases duration by 30 seconds. Spindleweed DAI icon Spindleweed (5)
Dawn Lotus icon Dawn Lotus (1)
Increase Duration II Increases duration by 30 seconds. Rashvine icon Rashvine (5) Increase Duration I
Increase Potency I Increases resistance by 10%. Spindleweed DAI icon Spindleweed (5)
Witherstalk icon Witherstalk (1)
Increase Potency II Increases resistance by 10%. Rashvine icon Rashvine (5) Increase Potency I
Proximity Resistance Applies resistance to all party members within 2 meters when the tonic is consumed. Amrita Vein icon Amrita Vein (5)
Felandaris icon Felandaris (1)
Improved Duration II or Improved Potency II
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