Elan Ve'mal is the Inquisition's apothecary at Skyhold.


Elan is a city elf who has studied alongside Adan as a member of the college of herbalists. She had worked for many different heads of state prior to her involvement with the Inquisition.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Following the assault at Haven, Elan replaces Adan as the Inquisition's new apothecary, regardless of whether or not the latter survived. She makes use of her contacts in the college to keep the Inquisition well-stocked in supplies.

Later on, she brings up an issue to the Inquisitor, regarding plagiarisms of her work, in the form of a war table operation—the Harvest of History.

She appears to be sweet on Cabot, the barkeep of the Herald's Rest. In the midst of performing their daily duties, the two carries on what is presumably a courtship, through messages carried by the runners (errands girl/boy) at Skyhold. Elan can be heard repeatedly requesting the runner to go out of her way to give first priority to deliveries to and from Cabot, even going as far as to offer bribes in the form of "extra compensation".

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