Baron Edouard Desjardins is a member of the Inquisition and associate of Josephine Montilyet. He commands Suledin Keep.


Edouard comes from Lydes, and is an old friend of Josephine Montilyet's father, Yves Montilyet; the two were hunting partners. He sends warning to the Inquisition about ominous red crystals growing in Emprise du Lion. His efforts for the Inquisition in the Dales are concentrated on eradicating threats, reopening trade routes and forging relations with the nobles of southern Orlais.


Edouard takes command of Suledin Keep for the Inquisition after the events of Capturing Suledin Keep. From the Keep, he also coordinates the Inquisition's efforts throughout the Dales.


Speaking with him initiates the following quests:
Quest icon DAI They Shall Not Pass
Quest icon DAI Securing Safe Passage
Quest icon DAI Breeding Grounds

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