You cannot squeeze people into a smaller and smaller box and hope they will disappear.

Edmonde is the First Enchanter of the White Spire in Orlais and a member of the Aequitarians.

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Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker Edit

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Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker.

He is responsible for ordering Regalyan D'Marcall to investigate blood mages' activities and subsequently locating the site of Frenic's ritual.

He is later present at the meeting between High Seeker Aldren and Divine Beatrix III where he confirms that Avexis was kidnapped from the Circle of Magi by the blood mages. He asks for Avexis to be returned to the Circle but the High Seeker refuses him. Later, after Regalyan D'Marcall goes missing, he dispatches other Circle mages to attempt to locate him.

Dragon Age: Asunder Edit

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Dragon Age: Asunder.

Several years later, Edmonde appears to be bent by age, grizzled and weary. After the sixth murder in the White Spire and the assassination attempt at the Divine Justinia V he is interrogated by Lord Seeker Lambert before Rhys and Adrian. Then Rhys sees him in the commons, but he keeps silent until he quietly asks the mages to retire to their chambers. At night Evangeline discovers that Rhys is missing and proceeds to the phylactery chamber in order to retrieve his vial. Edmonde accompanies her, as his key is needed to unlock the vault door. He argues with her, implying that the templars squeeze too much.

In the following days a group of mages led by Adrian demand that the templars tell them what happened to Rhys, and Edmonde backs them up. When Rhys is released and all mages of the White Spire gather in the great hall, Edmonde has little to say, and Wynne makes a speech instead. When the commotion starts, he approaches Wynne and whispers something to her, making her leave.

Much later in the book, Edmonde participates in the conclave along with Grand Enchanter Fiona, other First Enchanters, Wynne, Rhys and Adrian. He perishes in the flight from the White Spire, and Adrian is elected his replacement by the survivors.

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