The East Brecilian Forest is another section of the Brecilian Forest. The ruins of an ancient Tevinter city can be seen in this area.

Involved In

Nature of the Beast Nature of the Beast

Lost to the Curse Lost to the Curse

Thy Brother's Killer Thy Brother's Killer

The Mage's Treasure The Mage's Treasure

Wynne's Regret Wynne's Regret

Special Objects

Magical Barrier (Nature of the Beast)


  • Aneirin
  • Danyla
  • The Mad Hermit
    • The hermit will remain non-violent so long as things go the way he wants them to. He will attack The Warden however when annoyed and he is capable of some magic, being a renegade Blood Mage. He will summon some Rage Demons to help him. Note: If you search the tree stump to recover the acorn before speaking with him and ignore him telling you it's his house, he will attack you without any further conversation.
  • Maleficar: They will be in the large barren area where you found one of the tombstones after you have accepted the Mage Liaison's quest Thy Brother's Killer. After a short conversation a fight ensues.



Hermit's camp

Note: The bandits only appear if you killed the Mad Hermit and return later.

North Gravestone

South Gravestone

Note: The darkspawn only appear if you killed the Revenant from the southern gravestone and return.


North Gravestone

South Gravestone

Notable Items

Map of the Area

Ancient Elven Helm Ancient Elven Helm, source: Mad Hermit

Aneirin's Token Aneirin's Token, source: Aneirin (via Wynne's Regret)

Codex Entry: Archons of the Imperium, source: Mad Hermit

For the ingredient in Dragon Age: Origins, see Deathroot (Origins).
For the crafting resource in Dragon Age II, see Deathroot (Dragon Age II).
For the herb in Dragon Age: Inquisition, see Deathroot (Inquisition).

Deathroot has been used in magic and potion making for centuries. It is a fragile-looking plant with a thin stalk and purple flowers, which fruits once a year developing bright red fleshy pods that cause disorientation and dizziness if ingested.[1]


There are two varieties. The more common "Arcanist Deathroot" was first found by Archon Hadrianus when he discovered it growing on several dead slaves. The other, "Lunatic's Deathroot", is most closely associated with the story of the courtesan Melusine, who sought revenge on a powerful magister and his family. She harvested the plant, baked it into small pies for the magister's banquet, and presented them to the magister at a banquet. All the guests were seized by terrifying hallucinations after eating the pies and tore each other to pieces.

—An excerpt from The Botanical Compendium, by Ines Arancia, botanist

Codex entries

Codex entry: Deathroot Codex entry: Deathroot
Codex entry: Waterlogged Diary Codex entry: Waterlogged Diary



Dreamsever Dreamsever, source: drop Mad Hermit

Golden Ring Golden Ring, source: steal from Mad Hermit's stump

Grand Oak Acorn Grand Oak Acorn, source: Mad Hermit

Mythal's Blessing Mythal's Blessing, source: Skeleton

Scarf Scarf, source: Danyla

Steel Spiked Collar Steel Spiked Collar, source: Pile of Bones

Notable gifts for companions:

Onyx Demon Statuette Onyx Demon Statuette, source: Pile of Bones


West Brecilian Forest West Brecilian Forest

Brecilian Ruins Brecilian Ruins

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