Earthen Grasp is one of Shale's talents from the Rock Mastery tree in Dragon Age: Origins.

Information Edit

  • Shale pounds the earth, immobilizing enemies for 10s (seems to be unaffected by enemy rank) unless they pass a physical resistance check vs. Shale's strength.
  • Area of effect is a 6m radius sphere.
  • Range: 8m.
  • Conjuration time: 2s.
  • Upgrades Rock Mastery, providing +10 missile deflection whenever that mode is active.

Notes Edit

  • Activation base is in stamina and values vary with fatigue%.
  • It's one of the most useful and reliable control talents. It comes out fast, covers quite a range, has a long duration, and even elite boss monsters have an unusually hard time resisting it. The effectiveness of Earthen Grasp is demonstrated here.

Bugs Edit

  • Enemy hostility decreasing passive bonus is not implemented.

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