Guard Captain Eams is a Guard Captain in Denerim. He has managed to anger Marjolaine and will face her retribution, and possibly Leliana's as well. He is a minor character in Leliana's Song, a DLC for Dragon Age: Origins.

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In the quest Marjolaine's Vendetta, Marjolaine avenges herself on this man by using magic to render him unconscious and leaving him outside an Inn, apparently drunk on the job. Leliana can choose to either stay out of Marjolaine's personal business or add to the man's humiliation. Options to further degrade the man include planting on him goods stolen from merchants at the market (Fenced Fereldan Jewelry, Fenced Tevinter Antiquities and Fenced Historical Costumes), planting the Mages' Collective Signet on him, planting Jovi Merice's Corpse on him, and dressing him in Bann Perrin's Suspect Underthings. This will earn you the Vendetta Achievement.

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