Nobility does not exist without obligation. We owe everything we have, even our lives, to our land and people.

Arl Eamon Guerrin is the Arl of Redcliffe. The size of the village surrounding Redcliffe Castle makes his settlement as powerful as anything ruled by a teyrn. Eamon is also popular, and holds a great deal of influence and support with the nobility and the Bannorn - enough to make himself be viewed as a threat by Teyrn Loghain.

He is the brother of Bann Teagan Guerrin of Rainesfere, and Queen Rowan Guerrin, King Maric Theirin's wife, and King Cailan Theirin's deceased mother. He is married to Arlessa Isolde (controversially due to her being Orlesian), with one son - Connor, and is King Cailan's favorite uncle.


Eamon presumably spent most of his childhood in Redcliffe. When his father Arl Rendorn Guerrin joined the rebellion he was sent together with his brother Teagan to live with relatives in the Free Marches. When their father perished in the battle at West Hill Eamon was 15 years old. It can be assumed that when Meghren the usurper was defeated a few years later, King Maric Theirin recalled Eamon from the north and restored him as the rightful Arl of Redcliffe. He is the maternal uncle of King Cailan and he helped raise Alistair from a distance when his mother died. He fell ill with a mysterious condition that even magic could not treat.


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Dragon Age: Origins.

Since Eamon's forces had not joined up with the king's army at Ostagar, King Cailan having refused Eamon's offers of help as unnecessary and glory-seeking, Alistair suggests appealing to him for help against Teyrn Loghain and the Blight. Upon arriving in Lothering however, the Warden learns that Eamon has succumbed to a mysterious illness, with knights from Redcliffe being sent across the countryside by the arlessa to find the Urn of Sacred Ashes.

Eamon's illness stemmed from his poisoning by Jowan, a Blood Mage in Loghain's employ, in an attempt by Loghain to remove any opposition to his taking the throne as Regent to Queen Anora. Unfortunately, Eamon's son Connor, who was being tutored by Jowan in secret, summoned a desire demon in a misguided attempt to help his father and became an abomination. As a result, the demon seized control of the castle forces and turned them into undead soldiers that soon began attacking the village.

While the Warden deals with the demon, Eamon is only cured once a pinch of sacred ashes is used. Learning about what has transpired since Ostagar, Eamon hatches a plan to remove Loghain from power by calling a Landsmeet to put forth Alistair, King Maric's bastard son, as a candidate for the throne. Tasking the Warden with gathering all the armies with the Grey Warden treaties, he adds his own Redcliffe forces to help fight the Blight.

Once the armies have been gathered, Eamon brings the Warden, Alistair, and their companions to his estate in Denerim, and offers advice in preparation for the upcoming Landsmeet. He remains adamant about putting Alistair on the throne, believing that Ferelden must be unified by Theirin blood or risk being divided once more, and warns the Warden to be wary of Anora's attempts to retain power.

During the final onslaught, he will assist the Warden in the battle against the Archdemon atop Fort Drakon (PC only). If the Warden survives, he appears during the Post-Coronation celebrations if Alistair becomes king.

In Return to Ostagar, The Warden can retrieve a letter from Eamon to Cailan which infers that the Arl attempted to gently encourage the King to "put Anora aside", as she would soon be thirty, and had not yet produced an heir.


  • "Nobility does not exist without obligation. We owe all we have, even our lives, to our land and our people."
  • "I cannot forgive what you have done, Loghain. Perhaps the Maker can, but not I".
  • "Teyrn Loghain would have us give up our freedoms, our traditions, out of fear!"
  • When selecting Dog as your champion in the Landsmeet: "Ah, Warden... No. I'm afraid we can't leave the fate of all Ferelden up to your dog. Anyone with a leftover ham bone could buy his allegiance. Choose someone else."
  • "Must we sacrifice everything good about our nation to save it?"
  • [Directed at Loghain, Cauthrien and Howe] Not everyone at the Landsmeet will cast aside their loyalties as easily as you and these...[disgustedly] sycophants.
  • [speaking in the lead-up to the Battle of Denerim] We have gathered all the forces we can. The darkspawn horde is sure to reach the capital before us, and so we must race to Denerim, as quickly as we can. The lives of many thousands hang in the balance; we must not forsake them. You have gathered an army to replace the one lost at Ostagar, Grey Warden. Let us pray...that it will be enough.

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