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“These humans don't know the hilt of a sword from the pointy end.”

Dwyn is a veteran surface dwarf that refuses to help in the defense of Redcliffe Village. He is encountered during the A Village Under Siege quest. The Warden has the opportunity to change his mind.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

Murdock, the mayor of Redcliffe, asks the Warden to persuade Dwyn to fight. Once over at his house, the Warden notices that the door is locked, and no answers. The Warden can either pick the lock, or break it open.

After a brief introduction, the Warden may:

  • Persuade/intimidate Dwyn to help: Dwyn and his thugs will be convinced to fight alongside the knights during The Attack at Nightfall.
  • If the intimidation fails: Dwyn and his thugs will attack the Warden.
  • Hire Dwyn to fight: Dwyn says it will cost 1Gold, but can be persuaded down to 50Silver.
  • Kill Dwyn.
Note: The female Warden may suggest to sleep with Dwyn, but the proposal will never be accepted; he'll just say that it is a tempting offer.
Note: A successful persuasion or intimidation requires Improved Coercion.

If he is killed, the Warden can loot his sword. The Warden may then tell Murdock that the militia will have to do without him.

If Warden decides to leave Dwyn alone, and tries to pickpocket him and fails, Dwyn will attack.

Dwyn also is involved in the companion side quest given by Sten of the Beresaad to recover Sten's sword, Asala. If the Warden had previously slain Dwyn, the chest will appear in his home after speaking with Faryn.

Note: If he gives you Sten's sword, then the spawned chest will say "Key required".


A Village Under Siege A Village Under Siege
The Attack at Nightfall The Attack at Nightfall (conditional)
The Sword of the Beresaad The Sword of the Beresaad

Notable loot[]

Dwyn's Sword Dwyn's Sword


  • "Apology accepted. The name's Dwyn, pleased to meet you. Now get out."
  • "Pfft. So? Murdock's sending a dwarf to do his begging for him? Hoping I'll get all misty-eyed with thoughts of home?"
  • "I've had enough of you strutting around like you own the place. C'mon, boys. This ends now."


  • Dwyn was intended to be the villain in the Human Commoner Origin, which was cut from the game very early on. He is described in the toolset as a loan shark; a "generally nasty guy", "slick and mean with a greedy streak a mile wide. Lecherous." The human commoner's parents were to have taken out a loan from Dwyn.[confirmation needed]
  • If you chose not to defend the village of Redcliffe, then the undead overwhelmed the place and slaughtered the people. It has been said that they drag the corpses of the fallen away. However, Dwyn's corpse is still there after you return to Redcliffe.