It'll take more than that to kill us beasties! Come again if you dare!

Dworkin Glavonak is a surface dwarf and the brother of Voldrik and is considered by most -- including his brother -- to be insane.


This reputation leads to him being called several different names such as "Dworkin the Mad" and "Dworkin the Explosives Dwarf" and also "Mad exploding short person" by Sergeant Maverlies. Dworkin is obsessed with his work which resulted in the death of four of his apprentices and another smith.


He is first seen when the Warden-Commander first arrives egging on a group of darkspawn on and then blowing them up. He later requests that the Warden find him some Lyrium Sand for his bombs and can make grenades for the commander. This can be done by completing Bombs Away!. He can also be shown a Stone Marker revealing the heroism of the casteless dwarves from Kal'Hirol as part of Memories of the Stone.

In Dragon Age II, it is revealed that the Qunari forced him into hiding.


  • "The lads are hard at work. You'll have your explosives. Ha!"
  • "Casteless bearing arms. That'll go down well."
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