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Nobles feasting in Orzammar's Royal Palace

The diet of the dwarven race is unique to all other races in Thedas, owing to the majority of dwarves living their entire lives underground.

After the fall of the dwarven empire, many thaigs which were responsible for producing food were lost to the darkspawn.[1] Subsequently, the diet of the dwarves of Orzammar depends on food imports from the surface[2] however they are still heavily involved in breeding animals and growing food, or finding it in the Deep Roads and other underground locations around the thaig.

Harvested food[]

Dwarves make use of all edible items that can be scavenged, some of which are hazardous due to their proximity to lyrium, and the darkspawn taint which is quite common.

  • Lichen[3]: Can be made into a bread.
  • Deep mushroom[4]: While it grows in close proximity to the darkspawn taint and lyrium veins[5], these mushrooms are considered by dwarves to have a unique flavor and intoxicating scent.
  • Moss: Used in the production of dubious liquor.
  • Fungus: Possibly used to brew liquor.

Food animals[]

A roasted nug, considered a delicacy

Dwarves both catch and breed animals as food sources.

  • Nug: A small animal that appears as a cross between a pig and a rabbit. Its flavor has been described as an "unholy union of pork and hare".[4] It is favored as a food source by poor[6] and wealthy alike. It should be boiled before being roasted.[7]
  • Bronto: Selectively bred by the Shaperate as beasts of burden and food sources.[6]
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The following characters, lore and events in this section are non-canon in Dragon Age and exist only within the Dragon Age tabletop RPG.

Known dwarven liquor[]

A sign in Tapster's Tavern

Dwarves have a long-standing love for, and uncanny ability to tolerate, liquor. They both import liquor and produce much on their own.

Surface foods[]

Trade with the surface is essential to the wealth of the city of Orzammar, and food products are a part of that. Indeed, without the lifeline of trade, including food, into the city, survival in Orzammar would be very difficult.[16] Surface food products are necessarily in high demand in Orzammar due to the few choices of food produced by the city itself and the exotic novelty of surface foods. Due to their great expense typically only nobles or the very influential are able to purchase these goods.[17] Notable surface delicacies are plum jam[18] and caviar.[19] Surface goods in Orzammar include liquor too, such as honey mead, served in Tapster's Tavern, traded from a surface family who ships it every month.[11]

Known cuisine[]

  • Old cheese and shredded dried meat[20]: Used as a spread.
  • Nug pancakes[4]: Favored food of children.
  • Nug-gets[4]: Favored food of children.
  • Seared nug[21]: Seared on a hot metal plate and finished in the oven-and dressed in a cream sauce flavored with deep mushrooms.
  • Fried mush[22]


  • Varen, a former Legionnaire, discovered the edibility of nug while lost in the Deep Roads. For his discovery, he became a Paragon.[4]
  • Tapster's Tavern serves 52 types of ale, 17 meads and 12 imported wines, a testament to the dwarves' long-standing love of hard drink.
  • As noted by Oghren, Orzammar ale tastes like dirt in comparison to Fereldan ale, as dwarves put dirt in it.[23]
  • Nug-wranglers catch nugs to sell,[7] and may also practice some form of nug farming to breed the animals.
  • Dwarves farm mushrooms for food.[24]
  • Oghren's gift, the Beard Flask from Feastday Gifts and Pranks, is fashioned from a nug stomach to facilitate hands-free drinking.
  • Alistair and Leliana will comment upon drinking dwarven ale in location-specific dialog in Dragon Age: Origins. Wynne also professes interest in it in party banter with Oghren, and even develops a taste for it by the time period of Dragon Age: Asunder. King Maric Theirin also drinks it in Dragon Age: The Calling, having developed a taste for the brew himself.

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