The Dwarven Scholar is a member of the Shaperate and his master is Gertek. He can be found inside the Hall of Heroes.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

Note: The dialogue with him will vary depending on the Origin of the Warden and also whether A Paragon of Her Kind is concluded and Orzammar has a king again or not.
If the Warden is not a dwarf:

The scholar speaks with reverence about the Paragons and expresses his hope that the Warden, as a surfacer and outsider, is not needed.

If the Warden is the Dwarf Noble:

He is surprised to see the Dwarf Noble alive. His dialogue will vary depending on what the Dwarf Noble decided in the argument between Scholar Gertek and Bruntin Vollney:

  • If the Dwarf Noble sided with Gertek, he will tell the Warden that Gertek is writing a new book about the Aeducans and that he believes that Bhelen set the Dwarf Noble up. The scholar thinks that what happened to the Dwarf Noble was an injustice, and hopes that Orzammar will be kinder to them this time.
  • If the Dwarf Noble sided with Bruntin and told him to drive Gertek off but not to kill him, the scholar will relate in outrage that Gertek's name was slandered all over Orzammar and his books were burned. The scholar is appalled if the Warden does not remember Gertek, and is bitterly satisfied at the Warden's fate, remarking that the Ancestors seem to have a keen sense of justice.
  • If the Dwarf Noble allowed Bruntin to kill Gertek, he will furiously accuse them of allowing his mentor to be murdered for writing the truth and declare them to be no better than the dust.
  • If the Dwarf Noble ignored the argument, the dwarven scholar will state, "Call yourself Warden, but you are an exile underneath. The Paragons of this hall should not have to look at you."
If the Warden is the Dwarf Commoner:

He is haughty towards the Warden, saying only, "Step back, brand. Call yourself Warden, but the Paragons in this hall should not have to suffer the sight of you."

If he is conversed with after the throne is settled:
The Dwarven Scholar will thank the Warden and tell them they are a friend to the Stone.

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