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|[[File:DAO_bronzepiece.png]]  9
|[[File:DAO_bronzepiece.png]]  9
''Sells for:''''(to be confirmed)''

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Sells for:

  • 0DAO bronzepiece

Bought from:


An antidote for an exotic dwarven poison.  Any other effects are secondary and unintentional.  This potion cures the user of effects like sleep or paralysis.

Required Crafting Skill


  4 x Elfroot
2 x Lifestone
1 x Flask
2 x Concentrator Agent

Costs and Profits:

You can sell the antidote if you wish because the recipe does not disappear once the quest is over.

Costs to make one:

DAO goldpiece  0 DAO silverpiece  87 DAO bronzepiece 48 to DAO goldpiece  1 DAO silverpiece  17 DAO bronzepiece  9
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