Dust town, it sticks to the skin. - Kalah

The Dwarf Commoner Origin is one of six playable origins available in Dragon Age: Origins. As a casteless dwarf, this character is reduced to a life of petty crimes.


Unique Origin Items

Ico mace Aeducan Mace (given by Duncan at the end of the Origin story)


  • Adalbo: the Warden’s second opponent in the Provings
  • Ademaro: a merchant and a surface (and hence casteless) dwarf who paints a "brand" on his face
  • Beraht: the crime lord the Warden and Rica are forced to work for; the main antagonist in this origin.
  • Duncan: a Grey Warden. Will appear later in the campaign.
  • Everd: the warrior whom Beraht is betting on and the Warden impersonates
  • Goilinar: a beggar in Dust Town; he was crippled in a mine explosion.
  • Kalah: the Warden's mother. Will appear later in the campaign under the right circumstances.
  • Jarvia: Beraht's second. Will appear later in the campaign.
  • Kasch: a "doctor" that offers to buy the Warden’s teeth and other functioning body parts
  • Lenka: a Silent Sister; the Warden’s final opponent in the Provings
  • Leske (temporary companion): the Warden’s partner-in-crime. Will appear later in the campaign.
  • Mainar: Everd's (and hence, the Warden's) first opponent in the Provings
  • Olinda: a merchant, also Leske's friend
  • Oskias: the smuggler whom Beraht is after
  • Proving Master: he placed the Warden under arrest, only to have him conscripted by Duncan. Will appear later in the campaign.
  • Rica: the Warden's elder sister. Will appear later in the campaign.
  • Unna: a member of the Servant Caste; she is very proud to serve a Shaper.

Codex Entries

Codex Entry: The Casteless(after conversing with Rica)
Codex Entry: The City of Orzammar(upon entering Orzammar Commons)
Codex Entry: The Castes(after talking to Unna)
Codex Entry: The Proving(after receiving the Proving quest)
Codex Entry: Dwarven Faith(touching the carving in Proving Grounds)
Codex Entry: Duncan(after talking to Duncan)
Codex Entry: The Grey Wardens(after talking to Duncan)
Codex Entry: Darkspawn(after talking to Duncan)
Codex Entry: The Blights(after talking to Duncan)


Bugs/Senseless Design Decisions

  • In at least the PC version, the chest in the Slum House sometimes will not open.
  • Despite having a (presumably) different voice from Everd, the disguised Warden can engage in lengthy conversations with Mainar.
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