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Duncan's Sword is a longsword in Dragon Age: Origins. It is one of Duncan's blades at the beginning of the game. It requires the Return to Ostagar DLC.


Duncan's Sword can be looted from the corpse of the Risen ogre.


  • Duncan's Sword imports to Awakening, but only if you do not have it equipped; it must be in your inventory.
  • On the pcPC version, Duncan's Sword can be upgraded by selling it to a vendor such as Mikhael Dryden. This can also be done on the ps3PS3 version (confirmed using Bodahn Feddic); on the Downloaded Dragon Age: Origins version, it will upgrade in the Party Storage Chest. On the xbox360xbox360 version, Duncan's Sword can be upgraded by putting it in the party storage chest at Soldier's Peak.
  • The image depicts this longsword in Red Steel (tier 5) material, and the value listed on the page is about this material as well.
  • Duncan's Sword shares the same model with Oathkeeper.
  • Although Duncan uses a set of Crow Daggers for killing the Ogre, his sword and dagger can still be looted from the Risen ogre's corpse.

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