Duncan's Sword is a longsword in Dragon Age: Origins. It is one of Duncan's blades at the beginning of the game. It requires the Return to Ostagar DLC.

Acquisition Edit

Duncan's Sword can be looted from the corpse of the Risen ogre.

Notes Edit

  • Duncan's Sword imports to Awakening, but only if you do not have it equipped; it must be in your inventory.
  • On the pcIcon pc version, Duncan's Sword can be upgraded by selling it to a vendor such as Mikhael Dryden. This can also be done on the ps3Icon ps3 version (confirmed using Bodahn Feddic); on the Downloaded Dragon Age: Origins version, it will upgrade in the Party Storage Chest. On the xbox360Icon xbox360 version, Duncan's Sword can be upgraded by putting it in the party storage chest at Soldier's Peak.
  • The image depicts this longsword in Red Steel (tier 5) material, and the value listed on the page is about this material as well.
  • Duncan's Sword shares the same model with Oathkeeper.
  • Although Duncan uses a set of Crow Daggers for killing the Ogre, his sword and dagger can still be looted from the Risen ogre's corpse.

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